Parineeti 7th July 2022 Episode Written Update (7/7/2022)


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Episode Name: Pari Sees Rajiv

ParineetiAir Date: Parineeti 7th July 2022

Full Written Update: Parineeti 7/7/2022 Episode Start with She was wearing a white dress. She enjoys wedding dresses he told me. Neeti says she came here. Rajiv says to keep her with you an artist will come to get her. She says she accompanied your companion Soni and left with her. Rajiv says who is this Soni? Might it be said that she is with that criminal? He searches for Mishika. He’s stressed for her. Monty comes. Rajiv lets him know everything. He says Mishika had such a lot of trust and expectations for me. I was unable to deal with her. Monty says it’s OK. Botches occur. Rajiv expresses what might be said about Neeti? I love her. She needed to make this wedding vital and I left her with Ajay. What’s going on with I? I made this. Everybody is enduring a result of me. Pari, Neeti, Mishika. I’m such a liar. I broke everybody’s trust. I could deceive you as well. Monty says don’t say that. He says I did this to be content. Am I cheerful at this point? I lie constantly to everybody. Monty says if it’s not too much trouble, control yourself. He says my most memorable wedding depended on obviously false and this as well. For what reason am I like this? My head harms. I’m exceptionally egotistical. I couldn’t care less about anybody’s bliss. Monty expresses we’ve to search for Mishika. We lack the capacity to deal with this. Rajiv says I can’t do this. Monty says we need to track down Mishika. In the event that Pari figures out reality however that you left mandap to save Mishika essentially she will feel you show some care. Rajiv says you’re correct. How about we go. Monty says in his heart he thinks often about Pari’s thought process. They leave.

Scene 2
The wedding begins. The elderly person shares with Sukhwinder you can definitely relax. Sukhwinder says I am extremely frightened. She appeals to God for Neeti. Shreya brings Neeti. Neeti sits close to Ajay. Shreya is stressed. Rajiv comes there as the artist. He checks Neeti out. Pandit Ji begins the wedding. Rajiv cries. Harphoul and Mohini come there. They say it’s a wedding. We need to view as the specialist. Mohini says did you see that lady with the youngster? Harphoul expresses we’ve to view as a repairman. He says how about we ask the artist. Mishika says I need to go to Pari aunt. Pari says leave her. She pursues her. Soni runs. She crashes into Harphoul. Harphoul says who are you? Mohini gets out whatever would you say you were doing with that young lady? Soni runs. Pari says thank you for saving her. You both are a decent couple. You both composed and saved her. Harphoul inquires as to whether there’s any technician. Mishika sees Balwinder and says that is my father. Harphoul says we want a repairman. Pari lets them know the way. They go. Pari says thanks to God Mishika is protected. Balwinder drinks. Mishika pursues him. He says now I am seeing her here as well? Somebody remove her from me. I don’t want to see her face. Mishika remains solitary. Soni returns to her. Mishika says for what reason did you make me fall? She says I tasted. Excuse me. She embraces her and expresses accompany me.

Rajiv expresses we’ve to illuminate the police now. I can’t allow anything to happen to Mishika. He glances around and crashes into Pari. Pari sees him and gets out whatever would you say you are doing here in the artist’s ensemble? Might it be said that you are concealing something? Vicky asks Simi what are you doing here? She says for what reason would you say you were not getting my call? He says they tie us in the storage room. She says these individuals are hazardous. He says Mishika has such countless individuals. Nothing will happen to her. Yet, I am certain something is off with Rajiv. Monty says he needed to shock you with a dance execution since it’s your most memorable occasion. Rajiv says he’s right. Pari says thank you kindly. Pari says I am concerned for that young lady. Rajiv says which young lady? Pari expresses she’s with her father. That youngster in a white uniform. She leaves. Rajiv says how might I move before Neeti?

Scene 3
Shreya is stressed. She gets out whatever do I do now. Sanju isn’t back. Neeti doesn’t have a clue about she’s sitting with Ajay. Shreya takes her companion to the next room and says could you be alright assuming your sweetheart was wedding another person? Where could Sanju be? He didn’t tell anybody.

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