Parineeti 21st March 2023 Episode Written Update (21/3/2023)


Parineeti 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update, Colors “Parineeti 21 March 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.TParineeti

Episode Name: Pari gives Gurinder wrong medicine

Parineeti Air Date: Parineeti 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Parineeti 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Sanju says I feel like we came close after so lengthy. Neeti says I generally needed to be near you. Sanju embraces her. He kisses her. Neeti says leave me. Don’t you get it? She leaves. Bebe stops Neeti. Neeti says I feel so bizarre. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. On occasion I fail to remember Pari has deceived me. I saw them in the kitchen. They were so close. I was so furious. They don’t for even a moment acknowledge how I feel. Nobody can comprehend what I’m going through. I should e cheerful, my kid will be in this world. Yet, I’m disturbed. At the point when Sanju comes near me, I fly off the handle. I don’t have any idea what to do. For what reason am I languishing? I never envisioned Sanju could do this to me. At the point when Sanju proposed to me it was the most extraordinary second for me. The two individuals I confided in the most hoodwinked me. Bebe says to ensure Pari leaves this house. You’ve to remove her from your life.

Pari serves the halwa. Everyoen values her. Bebe and Neeti come. Pari says bebe come. Allow me to give you halwa. She says let me see Gurinder first. Maheshwari says this halwa is so great. Give me the recipe. Pari says you are consistently wanted here. I will cook it for you. Maheshwari says Pari is a respectful young lady. She knows how to regard seniors. Sanju considers what is Neeti thinking.

Scene 2
Bebe comes to Gurinder. She says Gurinder you demolished my life. On the off chance that you didn’t do that I will not need to do this. You don’t have any idea what will occur straightaway. She is snoozing. Bebe says you will see what else is there to do. The Pari who is joining this house, I will ensure this family breaks due to the. I disdain you and I can’t stand that Pari. I will demolish your fantasies and Pami’s fantasies too. Maheshwari will see Pami is likewise futile.

Bebe shouts Gurinder. Gurinder. She says Gurinder’s hands are cold. She isn’t waking up. Everybody surges higher up. Sanju calls the specialist and requests that she come. Pami says Gurinder open your eyes. Her eyes are closed. Sanju says the specialist is coming. Bebe says we ought to have taken her to the emergency clinic. The specialist says would you say you are certain the medication was given on time? Or on the other hand off-base medication was given? This can be extremely perilous. Sanju says did you give medication from the right parcel? She says I gave structure the other parcel. Pami says how might you be so reckless? Bebe says Sanju you said she’s answerable. You gave her obligation to Pami rather than Neeti. Furthermore, she did this. Pari says tune in. Simi says it’s all your issue. How might you be so indiscreet? Pammi says you broke my trust. Sanju says it’s my issue. It’s my obligation. Is ought to have assumed this liability myself. Bebe says it’s this Pari’s shortcoming. Is it safe to say that you are doing this deliberately? I realize she never loved you. Pari gets out whatever would you say you are saying? Simi says I will call the police. Neeti says if it’s not too much trouble, quiet down. We need to contemplate the condition first. We as a whole realize Pari did this error. We need to consider the arrangement first.

Neeti says we should accept her to the emergency clinic and not stand by. PAri says Neeti tune in. Bebe says keep quiet. it’s all a direct result of you. She was believed to be dependable. She is clueless external the kitchen. Maheshwari says f somebody was this debilitated why id you give a pariah this obligation? She’s not even your DIL yet her companion. For what reason would you say you are trying her with everything? Pari expresses pay attention to me. Neeti says how is it that you could do that? How is it that you could give her some unacceptable medication? Pari says I didn’t. Sanju says assuming that anything happens to my mother I could never excuse you.

The specialist comes. Bebe says she gave her some unacceptable medication. Due to her Gurinder is in this condition. The specialist actually takes a look at her. She says when I came to give them medication she was snoozing. She says I gave her a sedative. Bebe says she gave some unacceptable medication. Pari says I gave the right medication. Neeti says Sanju said which parcel has what. She says I checked the slip and I knew the medication’s name. The tablets were traded. I checked it express gratitude toward God. My father generally trained me to actually take a look at solutions first. Pami says we were all so off-base. Maheshwari says Pami you know how to pick the ideal individual for the right liability. You merit this position. Pami apologizes to Pari. She says it’s not your shortcoming. I realize you’re anxious. Sanju says I’m sorry Pari.

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