Parineeti 14th September 2022 Episode Written Update (14/9/2022)


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Episode Name: Pari Leaves The House

Parineeti Air Date: Parineeti 14th September 2022

Full Written Update: Parineeti 14/9/2022 Episode Start with Gurinder says we have understood our slip-up and we will attempt to fix it. Gurinder says this house is yours as well. Rajiv committed an error, I will request that he give you regard for a spouse, don’t take off from this house. Rajiv says in his heart what is mummy talking about, I won’t ever think of her as my significant other. I love Neeti as it were. Pari says this marriage won’t ever exist. We lived like outsiders. This is my last choice. Gurinder says I won’t let you go. Pari says I won’t stop now. She opens the entryway. Pari checks out at Rajiv in tears. She reviews their marriage and time together. Pari reviews Rajiv with Neeti. She goes out in tears.

Gurinder says stop Pari. Think once prior to going out, after this, you will not be able or place in this house. We will not pardon you. Pari ventures out and says found your solution? She leaves. Tao ji sits in pressure. Gurinder says you generally discuss family. you were unable to prevent Pari from criticizing this family? Tai Ji says you and Rajiv had done this. I needed to help Pari. How might you respond in the event that this happened to our girls? She confided in you both and you both tricked her. Gurinder says to quit agreeing with her stance. What was Rajiv’s issue? He was unable to wed the young lady he adored? Doesn’t my child merit joy? Tai Ji says he does however not at the expense of others’ lives. You both destroyed her life. You realized Rajiv cherished Neeti still you got him hitched to Neeti. In the event that my children did this I would have slapped them. Quit supporting some unacceptable. Gurinder supposes assuming Pari arrives at Barnala she would be in a tough situation. Gurinder says I am leaving. Tai Ji says Rajiv get back to your mom in or I would be my more awful.

Scene 2
Pari says I did the right by leaving Rajiv. Be that as it may, where might I go? I can’t go to my mother’s. I can’t go to Neeti. Yet, I don’t lament my choice. I could allow Rajiv an opportunity in the event that he was atoning and how might I take Neeti’s adoration from her? How might I take love from her?

Gurinder leaves out of resentment. She says I won’t allow Pari to demolish my life. I won’t allow her to do this. Rajiv stops Gurinder. He says Tai Ji is calling you in. She says you care about her more than your mother. She’s offending me. I advised you to track down Neeti, yet you proved unable. You think I am off-base and that lady who is supporting Pari rather than you. you actually regard her? Rajiv takes her in. Gurinder says you are exceptionally narrow minded. You needed your affection and opportunity as it were. Rajiv says Pari is a decent young lady, we fouled up with her. She says then, at that point, proceed to come clean with Neeti. I will perceive the way she remains with you. Rajiv says support me as opposed to reviling me? She says tell that to your Tai Ji. Pari was offending me and you said nothing. Rajiv says we utilized Pari and her loved ones. We both fouled up. That’s what we know. What’s more, I need Neeti. She really wants me the most, she’s in clinic. I’m finished, I am going to Neeti. Neeti calls Rajiv. Gurinder expresses stay here. You can’t go. Where might Pari go? He says Barnala. She says everything would be demolished. Rajiv says we ought to converse with Tai Ji. She could have some arrangement. She says no. He says we need to utilize them as well.

Pari gets a call from the clinic. They tell her Neeti is basic. Pari gets out whatever? She races to the medical clinic. Pari appeals to God for Neeti. She says please God help Neeti. I will come clean with her also. She has the right to know it all. She can do what she needs after that. Pari takes a taxi and goes to the emergency clinic.

Scene 3
Tai Ji requests that Rajiv take off from the house. Monty says he’s my sibling. Tai Ji says don’t agree with his position. He will make you such as himself too. Simi says Pari left all alone. Pari is the DIL, and Rajiv is our child. Tai Ji says you will know when you become a DIL. You will understand what she went through. I won’t ever uphold a miscreant like him. Escape this house. Rajiv says how might I live without you? Please, I will apologize to Pari. Tai Ji says will you leave Neeti? Balwinder says he did it for his mother. Tai Ji says the two of them had their advantages in this.

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