Pandya Store 9 April 2021 Episode Written Update (09/04/2021)

Pandya Store Tv Show Written Updates

Pandya Store 9th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store 9 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Family is shocked with Rishita’s behavior

Air Date: 9 April 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 9/04/2021 Episode Start with Dhara saying ‘sorry’ to Shiva and favors him. By then Dhara apologizes to Raavi and accepts her crying. Raavi feels that she loved and respected Dhara bundle, anyway she disparaged her life. She accepts that she will not at any point pardon Dhara for that. Raavi cries accepting Prafula. Rishita asks Dev for what legitimate explanation Raavi is achieving a particularly extraordinary arrangement performance and how she set out to marry him. She asks with regards to whether he favored Raavi too. Dev demands that she quiet. Jagat encourages Raavi to trust in God’s decision. Gautam demands that Shiva take Mama and Mami’s blessings. Shiva takes Jagat’s blessings. Kanta kaki calls the couple to have sweets. Shiva says that he might not want to have any sweets. Kanta says that it’s a piece of the custom and need to do it.

Later Prafula asks Jagat for what substantial explanation he agreed for Raavi and Shiva’s marriage and cries. Jagat says this is the right decision for Raavi. Prafula says this marriage is their most noteworthy lost. Jagat helps her that considering the way that to recall her they lost the plants and Anita’s life got crushed. Prafula says that she can change her mistake by getting Anita hitched to anyone, anyway he can’t revise his stumble. She resentfully leaves.

Both the couple get arranged to have the pastries. Rishita solicitations to bring such a sweets, as today is an incredibly remarkable day for her. Raavi cries hearing this. Shiva looks at Raavi. Other hand Prafula discovers Hardik. The last drops the endowments. Prafula apologizes to him and offers to help him. Here Rishita solicitations to bring jelabi for Dev as he appreciates it part. Shiva looks on. Prafula gets an idea. She professes to have back torture and demands that Anita help Hardik. Prafula pushes a stay over Anita’s leg. Anita shouts in torture. Prafula demands that Hardik take Anita home. Anita conflicts with, anyway Prafula convinces her.

Rishita gives different stances to the cameraman. The cameraman demands that Shiva feed sweet to his life partner to click photo. Shiva explodes, anyway Dhara calms him down. Rishita demands that the cameraman acknowledge her and Dev’s photo as their marriage is positively not a compelled marriage. She endeavors to deal with sweet to Dev. The family looks on. Raavi cries hard and leaves. Shiva similarly leaves starting there. Dhara follows them. Dev feels terrible seeing this.

Rishita requests Dev to smile for the photoshoot. Dev will leave, she stops him and asks regarding whether he isn’t content with the marriage. Dev says that he’s agitated because his family is in shock, yet rather she needs to celebrate. Rishita says that they got hitched in the wake of vanquishing bundle of hindrances, their warmth won. Dev says that they can praise it one more day. Rishita says that day will not be their enormous day. She adds that she has full choice to be cheery on her own wedding. She demands that the cameraman click their photos, anyway Dev leaves.

Raavi rises up out of the scene followed by Shiva and Dhara. She sees her and Dev’s name banner on the vehicle. She cries. Raavi will dispose of it, yet Dhara stops her. Raavi redirects her face from Dhara and sits in the vehicle. Shiva demands that Dhara sit with Raavi in the auxiliary parlor. At any rate Dhara says that she needs to get back and make game arrangements for their post marriage customs and solicitations that Shiva sit with Raavi.

Rishita comes there. She takes the norm from Dhara’s hand. She tears the banner before Raavi and throws the part where Raavi’s name is made away dazzling everyone. Gautam reveals to Rishita that her exhibition will not reduce Raavi’s status in the family and adds that both of them are the family’s daughters in-law and need to stay under one housetop.

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