Pandya Store 8th September 2021 Episode Written Update (8/09/2021)

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Pandya Store 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Star Plus 8th September Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Raavi burns the gifted lehenga.

Air Date: 8th September 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 8/09/2021 Episode Start with Krish discarding Raavi’s dresses. He makes the way for discover Raavi. She asks what he’s doing there. Krish begins acting yet Raavi closes him and stands up to him. He says he didn’t have an alternative as she went out. Suman is chastening Dhara that where are the little girls in law aa they need to play out the pooja first. Dhara says she will check and discovers Rishita coming in. Suman insults her. Krish embraces her and apologizes for his slip-up however Raavi pushes him. She says they all praised playing drums when she left and presently individually are arguing to return. She inquires as to whether this is a direct result of their standing. She requests that he proceed to control his sibling Shiva.

Shiva imagines that he lost a ton due to Raavi however not this bicycle. Krish embraces Raavi with stained hands and crown jewels the dress she was wearing as well. He says he realized that regardless she says she cherishes them a great deal and will come. Saying as much he leaves. Dev has the opposition and invites everybody. A young lady comes and gets some information about the stain on her dress. Raavi sees her dress and exhaust at Krish. She thinks about the thing everybody are arranging. Suman calls Anita and gets some information about her wearing Rishita’s dress. Anita says Rishita offered it to her and Suman affronts her to return after the festival. She asks what did she deal to get the dress for which Anita says she just talented it to her as she thinks about her as her senior sister. Dhara asks Rishita for what valid reason did she bring Anita. Rishta says she did this for Raavi to wear the dress skilled by Gaumbi. Dhara wishes it occurs and says she realizes how to cause her to play out the pooja on the off chance that she wears the dress.

Dhara comes to Suman and Krish signals Rishita and she gets glad. She joins Dhara. Kanta gets some information about the contribution she saved for Pooja and inquires as to whether any wish of her got satisfied. Suman deals with the circumstance saying that her child has hitched, however one remaining, one is still there. She sends her away and thinks that she needs to yell about the uplifting news yet she proved unable. Dhara takes papaya organic product to eat yet Suman stops her. Kanta inquires as to why she’s preventing Dhara from having papaya and inquires as to whether she’s pregnant. Suman closes her and requests that she focus on her work. Prafula sees it. Dhara goes to Gaumbi who covers her with wrap. Dhara says that the manner in which he acts, everybody will comprehend that they are concealing something. Gaumbi inquires as to whether she’s not content with the news. Dhara says after every one of the insults she at last got the satisfaction and gets terrified whether it would lost long. Gaumbi closes her and guarantees her that nothing will turn out badly. He embraces her.

Everybody gets called for playing garba. Rishta checks all her garments vanished and comprehends their arrangement. Rishta and Dev are playing garba with everybody. A few women call Dhara for playing garba yet Suman lies that she’s not well because of which she needs to deal with her. Prafula and Anita exhaust seeing Suman’s over worry on Dhara and considers what’s the explanation. Raavi consumes the dress talented by Gaumbi while Shiva longs for Raavi and moves garba. He before long understands its fantasies.

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