Pandya Store 7th July 2022 Episode Written Update (7/7/2022)

Pandya Store Tv Show Written Updates

Pandya Store 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 7th July 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Dhara tells Suman the truth

Pandya StoreAir Date: Pandya Store 7th July 2022

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 7/7/2022 Episode Start with Shiva, in camouflage of a lady, asking cash to Gautam. The last option gives him cash. Shiva embraces him saying thanks to for the cash. Gautam feels profound. Kanta shares with Raavi that the transsexual face is natural. Raavi denies it expressing about her visual perception issue. Prafulla has come to the police headquarters. The monitor cautions her about the outcomes assuming that her data turns counterfeit. Prafulla says that it’s precise and tells them to leave quick else he will get away.

At pandya house Shiva hauls Dev and to move. They alll dance. Gautam takes a gander at Shiva and finds his face recognizable and feels like he knows him. Shiva asks cash to Janardan and gives him 100 Rs. All at once Prafulla shows up there with police.

Shiva asks why police is here. He takes off from that point. Gautam sees this and attempts pursue him. Be that as it may, Dhara stops him. Gautam considers conversing with Dhara after police left. Dev believes that something is off-base among Dhara and Gautam. Prafulla says that Shiva ought to have gone to this capability. She says that Pandyas misled government and requests that police capture them.

Janardan and Kamini are stunned to hear this. The transsexual individuals is going to disappear. The assessor says that nobody ought to leave. Suman cautions Prafulla taking her stick. She requests that Guatam toss Prafulla out of the house, she’s deriding Shiva. Prafulla says that she will show Suman’s actual face today. She says that she redesigned their store with the pay and presently Shiva has returned. She says that Suman will get detained. Dev reprimands Prafulla for taunting Shiva.

Raavi says that Prafulla got a shock so she was seeing Shiva’s phantom till valuable day and presently she is seeing Shiva. Prafulla says that Raavi is likewise associated with this. She shares with the overseer that Shiva is alive and he should be covered up somew. She requests that police look for Shiva before he gets away from through any window. Rishita shares with Raavi that Shiva will get found out assuming police actually takes a look at es the house. Raavi yells at Prafulla and requests that she leave taking the police. Prafulla will not leave. She requests police to look for him.

Janardan mediates and says that he knows Pandya family well, they can’t do such modest demonstration, Shiva is truly dead and police should have any misconception. He requests that they really take a look at the house to clear their misconception. Dhara, Raavi and Rishita get strained. Police begin to look for Shiva. Rishita tells Suman that she is feeling tired, so she goes to her space to rest. Rishita leaves.

Police doesn’t find Shiva first floor so they go higher up to look. They come to Rishita’s room and finds Rishita resting. They apologize for the bother. Rishita expresses them to take care of their responsibilities. They search in the room. Dhara remains by the entryway.

Rishita signs her that shiva is under her. The auditor takes a gander at Rishita dubiously. That’s what rishita says assuming they need she can eliminate the blanket. The examiner denies and leaves taking his group. Rishita gets up and Shiva was lying on the bed on his stomach and Rishita was sitting over him.

Police descends steps and says that they didn’t track down Shiva. Raavi says that Prafulla imagines that Shiva is after her. She inquires as to whether she saw Shiva. Kanta denies and says that Prafulla become crazy after Shiva’s passing. Dhara says that Prafulla began to see Shiva’s apparition after his passing and came to remain in their home. She requests to check Prafulla’s home, she might have stowed away Shiva in her home. Prafulla tells the police to really look at her home. They leave. Seths additionally disappear. Gautam scowls at Dhara.

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