Pandya Store 6 May 2021 Episode Written Update (6/05/2021)

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Pandya Store 6th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Pandya Store 6 May 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rishita decides to leave the Haveli

Air Date: 6 May 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 6/05/2021 Episode Start with Rishita hollering seeing a woman in white dress. Dev stirs shocked hearing her yell. Raavi, Gautam and Dhara in like manner hear Rishita’s yell and get shocked. Rishita says that she saw kesar’s ghost. Dev goes out to check and ensures Rishita there’s no one. Dhara and Shiva come there. Dhara endeavors to comfort Rishita.

Shiva feels that Rishita genuinely got alarmed. Rishita gets some data about the ghost story. Shiva says that he mentioned that Rishita be careful of Raavi. Rishita says that Shiva is lying. Shiva was chatting with Krish about a shadow. Inverse side Krish is running with the ghost troupe in a gathering. Krish discovers Raavi and she sees bindi and kajol and questions Krish about it. Krish lies that he was doing puja. He endeavors to leave starting there in surge and drops the store of articles of clothing. Raavi sees a bangle and gets questionable of Krish.

Rishita keeps on repeating that she saw a ghost. Gautam says that it’s her innovative brain. He has been coming here since his youthfulness, there’s no ghost here. Rishita says that she’s telling the truth, she saw the nebulous vision. Dhara says that the spirit doesn’t exist, it’s her imaginative brain. Raavi asks Krish for what legitimate explanation he had put the puja things in the pack and endeavors to get it, anyway Krish says these are Dhara’s belongings. Krish diverts the point and demands that Raavi continue to check who has hollered. He runs starting there.

Dev convinces Rishita and returns her to the room. Shiva gets down on Rishita and asks her not to go near the window. Dev reprimands Shiva and solicitations that he leave. Raavi comes running and discovers Shiva. Raavi will fall on the light, yet Shiva saves her on time. Raavi to some degree drives him away and asks with regards to why the kin are circumventing this way, there Krish, here him. Raavi further asks with regards to why he was getting away from their room.

Shiva falters and says that he was excited so went out. He asks her not to request him like mate. Shiva by then asks concerning whether she went near Dev’s room window, Rishita saw a shadow there. Raavi gets scared. Shiva detonates the fire and leaves. Raavi is terrified and follows him. Shiva says that there’s a shadow there and runs. Raavi gets frightened. Shiva chuckles and says it’s not hard to deceive her. Raavi says that he seems, by all accounts, to be novel while smiling.

Krish comes rushing to his room and disguises the pieces of clothing inside the bureau. He sees the young woman that he followed as of late from the window and considers the thing she’s going here in the late evening. He decides to turn on the lights and leaves. Raavi closes the window getting scared. Shiva criticizes Raavi that she’s unnerved. Raavi denies it. Shiva lies there’s a reptile and Raavi shouts getting terrified. Shiva shows her appearance on the mirror. Raavi endeavors to pour water on the bed, yet he stops her. Shiva rests on the bed. Raavi in like manner naps on the contrary side of the bed.

Prafula places the packs in the vehicle and supernatural occurrences where Anita has gone. Someone hits on her back. Prafula rotates and finds Suman. Prafula asks Anita for what substantial explanation she didn’t unveil to her that she’s bringing Suman. Suman says that Prafula moreover didn’t prompt her about going to her kids. She censures Prafula and jokes. At the haveli, Rishita is squeezing her stuff. She says that she can’t stay any more in the spirit manor. Dev endeavors to convince her, yet she will not listen to him.

Gautam visits with the priest about keeping the Mrityunjay Jaap. The clergyman says that all the couple should visit the safe-haven the main day and the latest day of the jaab. Gautam agrees. Rishita is leaving the haveli, yet Dev stops her giving swear on their reverence. Rishita says that she can’t break his swear. Rishita agrees to stay for him, anyway says that he should get her. Dev ensures Rishita not to leave her alone regardless, momentarily

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