Pandya Store 5 May 2021 Episode Written Update (5/05/2021)

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Pandya Store 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial Pandya Store 5 May 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rishita is frightened on seeing a woman in white

Air Date: 05 May 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 5/05/2021 Episode Start with Dhara advising Gautam concerning saving Maha Mrityun jap for family’s serenity. Gautam says that in that they need to stay 15 days more here. Dhara says that she will call Suman to get her approval and besides she will all her here.

Suman is holding on for Dhara’s call. Dhara calls Suman. Suman denounces Dhara for not calling her. Dhara tells about Maha Mrityun punch. Suman jokes by then agrees for the jab and says that she is moreover coming there. Suman solicitations to address Gautam.

Suman solicitations to manage everyone including Dhara. Suman cuts the call. Gautam demands that Dhara guarantee that Krish love and respect likewise the whole of his three sisters-in-law. Dhara says Krish is understanding, he esteems Rishita Ana Raavi part and manage them.

Dhara further says that she’s managing everyone and asks Gautam whom he will toll you well. Gautam says that he wil manage her and accepts Dhara.

Krish assumes the presence of Kesar spirit. Inverse side, Rishita is frightened and closed all of the windows. Dev comes there and Rishita hollers getting scared. Dev asks with respect to why she shut all of the windows and entrance. Rishita says that she heard there’s apparition in the enormous majestic palaces, which is unused.

Dev says that this is bizarre thought and he doesn’t she confides in this. Rishita says that Shiva and Krish were examining the ghost. Dev says that they have some happy occasions in disturbing others and exhorts they used to alarm him in the youthfulness.

Anita is sitting lost in her thoughts. Prafula goes to her and asks concerning whether she’s thinking about Hardik. Anita denies and asks concerning whether it’s fundamental for her to go with her as in the Pandya family, no one makes the most of her and necessities to banter with her. Prafula says that she can talk with her furthermore when she will go far, Hardik will miss her.

Anita says there’s nothing among them and she can’t constrain them to feel each other. Prafula asks Anita not to overthink and do squeezing. Prafula says that she’s coming to save Raavi from Shiva.

Shiva is searching for something. Raavi comes there and says that she can’t lay on the floor, her back is torturing. He sees that the masala is remaining in her hair and mocks her. Shiva sees Krish coming that side. Shiva takes Raavi inside the washroom. He shows the masala on her hair. Both of them battle. Raavi demands that Shiva go out as she needs to clean the masala. Shiva goes out and sends Krish out of the room before Raavi can see him.

Dev executes the light. Rishita gets panicked. Dev have an ardent talk with Rishita. Inverse side, Gautam doesn’t get rest and turns side. He stirs Dhara and says that he is starving. Dhara says that she will make something and both of them go to the kitchen. Raavi is considering where Shiva is and contemplates where he will rest when he will go to the room.

Shiva steadily sneaks into the room. Raavi purports to rest. Shiva takes the candle from the bureau and leaves. Raavi contemplates where Shiva is going in the late evening and decides to follow him. Shiva hands the fire to Krish.

Dhara is making vegetable noodles for Gautam. They have a pleasing conversation. Dhara deals with Gautam the noodles. Shiva passes by the kitchen side and warning Gautam and Dhara in the kitchen. He thinks about the thing they’re doing here.

Dhara moreover sees Shiva and asks what he’s doing here. Shiva says that he is avaricious. Shiva envisions that he needs to somehow send Gautam and Dhara back to their room else his game plan will be failed. Dhara offers Shiva noodles.

Shiva says that Gautam should eat noodles in the evening as it would cause degestive issues for him at this age. Gautam protests that they endeavoring to make him more settled. Shiva says that the noodles is amazingly delectable. Dhara says that she added the marinated masala orchestrated by Raavi in the noodles so it’s outstandingly heavenly.

Shiva startlingly cheers Raavi and the masala made by her. Gautam nudges Shiva. Shiva endeavors to convince Gautam and Dhara to continue to rest.

Rishita doesn’t get rest as she’s tendency irritable. She turns on the night light, anyway out of the blue the lights go off. Rishita sees a woman wearing whitebholding a flame. She endeavors to stir Dev continually. Rishita endeavors to convince herself it’s her inventive brain. The woman gets down on Rishita. Rishita yells getting frightened.

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