Pandya Store 4 May 2021 Episode Written Update (4/05/2021)

Pandya Store Tv Show Written Updates

Pandya Store 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial Pandya Store 4 May 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shiva stuns the family coming in a new look

Air Date: 04 May 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 4/05/2021 Episode Start with Dev mentioning Rishita to help Dhara and Raavi in marination from vegetables. Rishita rejects saying she has done medicure today. Gautam says Rishita will help him with setting colossal fire.

Shiva appears there in another look and astonishments everyone. Dhara acclaims Shiva’s look. She says something is divided and causes him to stay near Raavi. Dhara says Shiva-Raavi look incredible together.

Dhara asks Raavi put less masala as Shiva could do without it. Raavi says without masala there won’t be taste. Shiva angrily puts all the masala and berates Raavi. Dhara reprimands Shiva. Shiva angrily leave. Dhara asks with respect to whether they can cause Shiva to stay in the spot of tremendous fire as he’s consistently seething.

Dev passes a comment which incenses Shiva and they get ready to battle, anyway Gautam separate them. Krish comes there and downplays music to calm the strain between the kin.

Gautam gives a stick to Dev and solicitations that he break it and throw it in the fire. Dev does all things considered. Gautam by then considers Raavi and gives a great deal of sticks and demands to break it and throw in the fire. Raavi can’t break it. Gautam demands that Rishita endeavor. Rishita similarly can’t break it. Dev says it’s unfeasible to break a ton of sticks. Gautam says right and this applies even in our life.

Gautam says fortitude is the strength. Rishita says that they all irritated with her since she had food alone with Dev. Everyone keeps on referencing to her what she should do and shouldn’t do. She asks regarding whether her estimations doesn’t have any effect, what she messed up if she had food with her life partner. Gautam says that she did anything mistakenly. Every young woman has dreams after marriage which she needs to fulfill.

Gautam says that their family is huge and expecting everyone starts setting up their food autonomously and stay freely, the family will not stay consolidated. Gautam further says that when they sit together to eat, they share their day with each other. In joint family they consider others euphoria too.

Gautam says they’re endeavoring to grasp and demands that Rishita endeavor understand his family too. Gautam says that Rishita got hitched Dev because of Raavi and Shiva’s retribution. In case Raavi and Shiva were egotistical, he wouldn’t have been uncovering to her this. Krish envisions that Rishita didn’t answer back Gautam.

Raavi keeps Shiva from eating the dish. Shiva doesn’t listen to her and eat it. He shouts as it’s fiery. Raavi solicitations to think cautiously when he’s not working. Rishita laughs. Dhara says that Rishita looks incredible while smiling and demands that she keep on smiling. Shiva battles with Raavi. Gautam stops Shiva and solicitations that he bring more sticks.

Krish plays music and the couples dance on the song chali ishq ki hawa chali. Gautam talks in call to Kaka and enquires about the shop. Dhara back accepts Gautam. She says that she’s bright today. Rishita didn’t answer back when he explained her.

Gautam says that he wouldn’t have felt horrendous if she had tended to him back. Gautam says that Rishita looks like a kid, she’s furious now. If a couple of days prior she hadn’t went to the mandap in time Raavi-Dev would got hitched.

As shown by her, mess up is theirs. Rishita needs their warmth and their trust. She should feel that they consider her as their family and love her. Rishita agrees with Gautam. Gautam says his three kin and Raavi and Rishita are still youngsters. They have the commitment to manage them. Dhara says that she will fulfill the obligations from heart and they will keep them combined, paying little mind to the sum they fight.

Gautam approvals Dhara’s youth and says that keeps them consolidated. They should set them up to manage their life’s issues. Dhara accepts Gautam.

Krish uncovers to Shiva that he figured Rishita would answer back Gautam, anyway it seems, by all accounts, to be she’s understanding her mistakes and asks with respect to whether they should drop the course of action of scarying Rishita. Shiva says they won’t. Shiva is made plans to execute his course of action to alarm Rishita.

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