Pandya Store 29th September 2022 Episode Written Update (29/9/2022)

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Pandya Store 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 29 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shiva accuses Raavi

Pandya Store Air Date: Pandya Store 29th September 2022

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 29/9/2022 Episode Start with Shweta getting the blackmailer’s call and looking apprehensive. She says that it’s a spam call. Rishita says that main Shweta gets spam brings in the evening. Dhara prods Shweta, saying that perhaps Krish calls her. Gautam thinks about how to persuade Suman to pay for the Gabra night. Shweta requests that the Pandyas proceed to have a tranquil rest so they can new search in the party.

Krish gets back tired and requests Dhara for a glass from water. Dhara requests that Shweta get water for Krish. Rishita reminds them how Shiva caused a situation when Raavi asked him for water. Krish says that he will proceed to get the water. Krish finds Shweta in the kitchen and says that he is glad that Shweta partakes alongside their family in the Gabra night the following day.

Raavi and Arnba show up before Pandyas’ home by pursuing the programmer. Krish assists Raavi with getting the programmer. Raavi slaps the programmer and wastes him for hacking her record. The Pandyas emerge from the house hearing the commotions and find Raavi beating the programmer. Pandyas energize Raavi. Somewhere else, Shiva is shown crying, reviewing Raavi and Arnab going into the hotel. Shweta is in the room and asks why it’s so boisterous outside. She accepts Gathering’s call. Gathering says that she arrived at the given area by her. Shweta takes cash and prepares to take off from the house to meet Gathering.

Raavi shares with the programmer that she had the option to get the programmer since her family upheld her, however numerous young ladies can’t make it happen. The young ladies of that area support Raavi. Shweta emerges from the house and sees that Dhara has Chiku. She imagines that Pandyas can’t go through a day without causing a situation. She feels that Pandyas will get dubious of her assuming she goes out in the evening with Chiku.

Gathering arrives at close to Pandyas’ home. She takes care of her face. She messages Shweta about the equivalent. Shweta spots Discussion. She sees a person remaining behind Discussion and is stunned. He telephones Shweta and takes steps to come inside Pandyas’ home in the event that Shweta doesn’t come to meet him with Chiku before 11pm.

The police group shows up there and captures the programmer. Shiva shows up there and notification a group assembled before his home and considers what’s going on here. He goes close to get some information about the equivalent. However, he quits seeing Raavi and Arnab there. He asks Raavi what she’s doing here and says that he saw her going inside the hotel with Arnab. The local ladies hear this and began to knock Raavi.

Dhara shields Raavi and quiets down. Raavi understands that Shiva was following them. She asks Shiva for what valid reason he didn’t come inside the cabin to help her. Pandyas additionally pose Shiva a similar inquiry. Arnab attempts to clear Shiva’s misconception, however Raavi stops Arnab and says thanks to him for his assistance. She requests that Arnab leave. Gautam likewise says thanks to Arnab to help Raavi. Arnab leaves. Dhara proclaims that she’s pleased with Raavi and insults Shiva by adulating Arnab.

Dhara stands up to Shiva about questioning Raavi. She explains that Raavi and Arnab went to the cabin to get the programmer. She is disheartened with Shiva’s way of behaving and communicates it to him. Later Shweta prepares to take off from the house with Chiku. She is stunned to see Krish. Krish welcomes Shweta for a date. Shweta declines saying that Dhara denied her to leave the house. She demands him to abandon her with Chiku as she needs to make him rest. Krish concurs and leaves. Shweta emerges and stops an auto. She’s stunned to see the blackmailer.

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