Pandya Store 28th January 2023 Episode Written Update (28/1/2023)

Pandya Store Tv Show Written Updates

Pandya Store 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 28 January 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Suman loves her grandsons

Pandya Store Air Date: Pandya Store 28th January 2023

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 28/1/2023 Episode Start with Rishita accusing Chiku. Dev says you know Shesh’s naughtiness. Chiku says I halted them, they didn’t pay attention to me and came in Dadi’s room. Suman says don’t call me Dadi. He asks so will I call you Suman or Dada ji. Gautam says fine, call her Dadi, let us know how did the television break. Chiku says I didn’t make it happen, I asked them not to play here. Shweta says don’t embrace me before everybody, stay there. The man says phenomenal shot. Chutki says now, I need to break another television. Shweta says organize it assuming Natasha needs. The man says yet financial plan. She chastens him. Suman says you could have them here. Chiku says no, I asked them not to come, trust me, Dadi.

Dadi says don’t consider me Dadi, I m their grandmum, no yours. Chiku says fine, you are not connected with me, I will call you Koi nahi, I didn’t break the television, Mittu had the marbles in his grasp. Raavi says don’t lie, my child is guiltless. Dhara says don’t chide Chiku. Raavi says he is lying. Mittu says Chiku isn’t lying, Shesh did this. Shweta and Natasha pitch fits on the sets. The man says television has come, you might break it now. Shweta says the very best. Natasha goes. Chiku says I told you, I didn’t break the television, you rebuff me generally, presently rebuff them. Kids get frightened. Suman acts unwell. She sees their frightened faces and giggles. She calls Mittu and says come, I won’t beat, I will give a chocolate.

Chiku says Suman will initially chuckle and afterward beat you. Suman asks Raavi and Rishita didn’t they train habits to kids. Shiva says we meet you ordinary, right Mittu. Suman embraces them cheerfully. Everybody grins. Natasha says the lines wrong. Chief makes sense of her. She says I m tired, I can’t get it done. He says we need to get together, young lady can’t offer the chance, call her mum, she will make sense of her.

Suman says I was yearning to see this naughtiness, break anything you need, simply continue to embrace me. Chiku gets shocked. He says enchantment, you’re not furious on them, you blow up on me, it implies you will not lash out on me from now. She says you can’t do underhandedness, since you’re not my grandson, they are my grandsons, so they can. Chiku protects himself and asks how might I at any point be your grandson. Shweta sees Krish’s video and says how could he get so rich, who is this young lady with him. Suman says I feel unwell. Dhara signs Chiku. Raavi says Chiku needs this show when Suman is unwell, did Dhara instruct this to him. Shiva requests that Raavi talk with habits. Raavi says you both won’t allow me to fail to remember anything. The man says chief is calling you, Natasha isn’t functioning admirably. Shweta lashes out. She goes.

Natasha contends with the man. Shweta comes. Natasha says bring me back home. Shweta says she is worn out, we will return home. The man says enough, I will stop your installment for the shoot. Shweta asks what are you talking about, attempt to figure out, I m acting to persuade Natasha. She requests that Natasha offer the last chance, then, at that point, they will return home. Natasha says no, I m tired. Shweta says I will take you to gaming zone. Natasha says you are a terrible mumma. Shweta goes to make sense of her. Natasha denies. Shweta believes Rishita’s Chutki is truly obstinate like her.

Suman says I can see the Yamraj, everybody come to me. She embraces her children. She asks where is Krish.

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