Pandya Store 28 September 2021 Episode Written Update (28/09/2021)

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Pandya Store 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 28th September 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Dhara gets kidnapped

Air Date: 28th September 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 28/09/2021 Episode Start with Janardhan spotting Krish and Keerti together. Janardhan requests that the driver stop the vehicle. He hauls Keerti away. He attempts to slap Krish, however Krish holds his hand saying he’s not private property for whoever slaps him. Janardhan jerks Krish’s hand and slaps him. He requests that his driver take Keerti home.

Krish attempts to explain, yet Janardhan slaps him once more. He takes Krish’s bicycle key and says that he will show him something new for attempting to steal away with his little girl. Suman is requesting that the cleric show lovely young ladies photographs. She needs to track down a preferable young lady over Raavi for Shiva. Janardhan telephones Gautam. Dhara gets it.

Janardhan feels that he’s addressing Gautam and says that he will put Krish in a correctional facility for attempting to steal away with his little girl. Dhara says Janardhan ji. Krish says that it’s false. Janardhan requests that Dhara advise Gautam that he’s taking Krish to police headquarters and nobody can save him. Dhara gets stunned.

Keerti returns home and describes regarding what befell Kamini and Kalyani. Kamini says to Keerti to lie that Kalyani and her don’t think about this and Keerti doesn’t realize that Krish is Gautam’s sibling, she just accepting lift from him as there wasn’t no vehicles accessible. Dhara comes first floor and understands that nobody is at home and Gautam left his telephone at home. She deecides to pass without anyone else getting stressed over Krish. She drops the telephone in rush and leaves. Anita is searching for the two women, who attempted to ransack Pandya family. She meets a woman, who is the sister of that cheats and requests that she return her cash. The woman beats Anita with the brush and grabs her pack. Anita runs from that point.

Janardhan says to the investigator that Krish attempted to abscond with her little girl and requests to give him intense discipline. The controller says that they will beat him hard so he doesn’t contemplate eloping with anybody’s girl.

Krish says that police doesn’t hearing his side truth, he was attempting to help Keeti, he isn’t terrible, Janardhan is a perilous man. They should beat Janardhan. He is only an understudy. The reviewer slaps Krish and undermines him. He requests that the constable take Krish.

Dhara is seen running out and about. Somebody sees her and gets down on Dhara, however Dhara continues to run. Raavi brings tea for Dhara and understands that Dhara isn’t in her room. She ponders where she has gone. Dhara blacks out and about. A vehicle stops close to Dhara. A woman emerges from the vehicle and attempts to awaken Dhara. She calls her driver for help. Other hand Raavi is looking for Dhara in the entire house and gets stressed where Dhara has abandoned advising her. Suman returns home.

Raavi tells Suman that Dhara isn’t at home. She didn’t take her telephone with her as well. Suman says that then Dhara should be here in the event that she had left, she would have educated her. Raavi says that she went to Prafulla’s home for some time as Rishta’s sister Keerti returned home, as strike is going, she gave her bicycle to Krish, so he can drop her at home. Suman says that Janardan seized Dhara. Raavi attempts to telephone Gautam and discovers the telephone on the floor close to the entryway. They stress if Gautam got likewise seized.

Dev drops Rishita at the workplace. He kisses her temple saying the very best. Janardan returns home and yells Keerti. Janardan attempts to slap Keerti, however Kamini stops him and cautions him to avoid Keerti. Janardan says that he questions that Kamini and Kalyaani are associated with this and sent keerti with Krish. Kamini lies that Keerti just accepting lift from Krish as there’s no vehicles accessible because of strike and Keerti doesn’t realize that Krish is Gautam’s sibling.

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