Pandya Store 27th January 2023 Episode Written Update (27/1/2023)

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Episode Name: Dhara convinces Suman to continue to act as unwell

Pandya Store Air Date: Pandya Store 27th January 2023

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 27/1/2023 Episode Start with Shesh taking Mithu and Chiku to Suman’s space to play with Marbles. He shares with Mithu that he is ruler in his school. He begins to play with the marbles and breaks Suman’s video gamer. He powers Mithu to toss the marbles as well, however he rejects. Chiku attempts to liberate Mithu from Shesh’s grasp, however he can’t as Shesh is major areas of strength for excessively.

Suman and Gautam get back. Dhara invites Suman home. Dev asks Gautam for what good reason they’re late. Gautam says that they have gone to the sanctuary. Gautam adds that Suman used to visit the sanctuary consistently to appeal to God for their. As their returned now, she needed to say thanks to God. Shiva is stunned to hear this and inquires as to why Suman appealed to God for their return when they’re here. Dev quiets him somewhere near saying that Suman went to the sanctuary for an exceptional puja.

Dhara takes Suman inside. Dev tells Rishita not to discuss properties offer to Suman quickly as she isn’t well. Raavi says that she can hardly stand by as she needs to pay lease of their home. Shiva hears this and asks who is requesting that lease stay in their own home. He asks that individual’s location to Raavi. Dev mollusks him down. Dev murmurs to Raavi that he needs to converse with her about Shiva’s heath. Shiva hears this and asks what has been going on with him. He lashes out. Dev tells him nothing happened to him.Gautam is glad that Suman’s medical problem brought her siblings back and is terrified that they will return after Suman’s recuperation.

Dhara demands Suman to profess to be unwell. Suman cries and says that she needs to invest energy with her children and talk with them about what occurred over the most recent seven years. Anyway she consents to go about as her children will return assuming they realize that she’s well. Chiku, Mithu and Shesh are watching Suman conversing with the family. Chiku panics Shesh by saying that Suman will beat them assuming she figures out they break her television. Shesh envisions Suman beating him and gets frightened. Chiku, Shesh and Mithu go to fix the room. They cover the television with the cover.

Suman is going to go to her room. She regrets about passing on in her room. Chiku stops Suman and requests that she bite the dust in the lobby. Suman reproves him and aska him to move away. Chiku declines. Mithu is going to spill about the wrecked television. Yet, Chiku stop him by shutting his mouth. Raavi requests that Chiku leave Mithu. Dhara requests that Chiku let Suman go inside her room. However, Chiku says that he can’t and requests that she get it. He asks Dhara to charges food to Suman as she hasn’t eaten a single thing from yesterday. Shiva needs to eat Samosa. Suman additionally needs something very similar. Dhara declines and advises her that she is unwell. Suman understands that Krish isn’t here and asks where he is.

Krish is displayed with a young lady. He reports to individuals about a free blood gift camp that he has coordinated for Suman’s recuperation. He likewise says that they have coordinated free transports from Mumbai to Somnath and requests that individuals petition God for his mother’s heath. Here, Suman goes inside the room alongside the family. She is stunned to find her television is broken.

Somewhere else a young lady kid is shown breaking the things. Here, Suman lashes out at the kids for breaking her television. Shesh shares with Suman that he didn’t break the television. Chiku says that Shesh broke the television notwithstanding attempting to stop him. Mithu is frightened taking cover behind the bed. Family looks for him. Raavi tracks down him. Somewhere else, Shweta is shown sitting in grass where film shooting set is there. She hears two men discussing the free blood camp and free transports from Mumbai to Somnath coordinated by Krish. She requests that they send her the connection. A young lady rushes to Shweta and embraces her.

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