Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Episode Written Update (25/6/2022)

Pandya Store Tv Show Written Updates

Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 25th June 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Dhara finally sees Shiva

Air Date: Pandya Store 25th June 2022

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 25/6/2022 Episode Start with police let the Pandyas know that they got a call that a lush saw Shiva. Raavi says that she attempted to find and didn’t have any idea. She asks where he is. Police cautions that Pandyas will get imprisoned assuming they have lied for remuneration. They leave. Suman yells. Family quiets her down. Raavi says that Shiva is alive, she can feel his presence. Shiva hears this and says that he should gets a handle on his feelings so his family doesn’t cause problems.

Rishita says that it tends to be Raavi’s pipedream. Raavi says that she felt Shiva’s presence in her room the earlier day. Dhara imagines that she likewise felt Shiva’s presence there. She recollects the bangle merchant saying that Gautam likes red variety bangles. Dhara goes to track down him. On seeing Dhara Shiva runs. Dhara pursues him. She yells to stop and inquires as to why he is running.

Dhara gets Shiva and sees his appearance on the deteriorated downpour water. Shiva manges to escape from Dhara. The last option cries recollecting the alcoholic and police saying that Shiva is alive. That’s what she says in the event that the bangle merchant wasn’t Shiva, why he would take off. She chooses to track down reality.

Prafulla brings a cleric home to remove Shiva’s phantom. Shiva gets back and goes to get water. Prafulla sees Shiva’s refection on the mirror. She gets frightened and runs out of the house. Prafulla chances upon Dhara and says that she saw Shiva’s phantom in her home. She runs from that point. Dhara understands that Shiva is concealing in Prafulla’s home. Prafulla comes to Pandya house. She says that she saw Shiva’s phantom in her home stunning all. Raavi reviews the new happenings and gets dubious.

In the interim Dhara comes to Prafulla’s home and gets down on Shiva. The last option chooses to leave Somnaath. He gets away from through the window. Dhara sees the window open and comprehends that somebody got away from through it. She finds the garments that the bangle merchant wore there and comprehends that Shiva came in mask of the bangle dealer. She yells Shiva.

There Suman admonishes Prafulla for calling her child phantom and will not trust her. Prafulla requests that Suman play out a puja to quiet Shiva’s room and won’t take off from the house until she concurs. Raavi asks Prafulla where she saw Shiva. Prafulla says that she saw Shiva on the reflection of her home.

Dhara is tracking down Shiva. Dhara is going to get hit by a rhythm. Shiva hurries to Dhara and saves her in time. Dhara is stunned to see Shiva. Rishita and Raavi are in Prafulla’s home and search for Shiva. Raavi goes to the storeroom. Shiva’s garments sack is kept there. However, Raavi neglects to see it.

Prafulla says that Shiva’s apparition won’t be in the storeroom. Ravi asks why Shiva isn’t coming before her and he is terrifying Prafulla. She ponders where he is. She leaves the storeroom. Opposite side Dhara gets close to home on seeing Shiva. She separates in tears and embraces him.

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