Pandya Store 23 February 2021 Episode Written Update (23/02/2021)

Pandya Store Tv Show Written Updates

Pandya Store 23rd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store 23 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Gautam reopens the Pandya Store

Air Date: 23 February 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 23/02/2021 Episode Start with Shanta adulating Dhara’s cooking. In spite of the fact that Suman would not like to show it, she likewise appreciates the food. Later Dhara takes care of the children. The children requests that Gautam lay down with them. Dhara likewise requests that he rest here. Gautam concurs. Dhara and Gautam set down on the bed with the children between them. Manu pole magan plays in the BG. They share an eyelock. Gautam gradually nods off while Dhara appreciates Gautam.

The following morning, Gautam is seen imploring God. Dhara and Suman notice the imprints on Gautam’s back. Suman feels terrible recalling the children saying that they saw Gautam working in Pandya store. Dhara goes to God to invigorate her help Gautam. Suman petitions God to fill Gautam’s existence with bliss. Dhara welcomes Suman. The last furiously scowls at her. Dhara gives the contribution to Gautam. She leaves as Suman furiously takes a gander at her.

Gautam takes care of offering to Suman. She embraces him crying. She says his father will be upbeat seeing him. His injuries will give him the strength and will consistently remind him his father dreams and furthermore it will remind him individuals’ disloyalty. Gautam asks her not to blow up as it will more regrettable her wellbeing. He adds that he won’t ever excuse Jagath and guarantees her that his father dreams will materialize one day.

Suman requests that Gautam guarantee that he won’t confide in anybody in his life. Gautam vows to Suman. He requests that she be cheerful as they got their shop back. He at that point requests that she accompany him to the shop. Suman concurs. Gautam goes to prepare. Suman imagines that she will toss Dhara out of this house and Gautam’s life.

The children are playing making rises with cleanser water. Dev and Shiva bother Krishn. Dhara tells Kirshn the best way to make bubbles. Suman comes there. She deliberately kicks the container with cleanser water. She gets down on Gautam and blames Dhara that she intended to execute her by pouring cleanser water on the floor so she will slip and get injured.

Gautam reminds Suman that she’s in wheelchair and she can’t slip. The children giggle. Suman reproves Dhara. Gautam requests that she let it go as today is an uncommon day for them. The children additionally need to go to the shop with Gautam, yet Gautam says they ought to go to class. Suman requests that Gautam take the children with him, yet Gautam denies.

The children requests that Dhara persuade Gautam. Dhara says the children can go to the shop first then they can leave for school from the shop. Gautam concurs. Suman looks despondent. She thinks Dhara is attempting to win Gautam’s heart, she considers how to save Gautam from Dhara.

Gautam and his family go to the shop. They all together beginning cleaning, masterminding the shop while Dhara and Gautam sing Itni si hasi, itni si kushi melody. Dhara is going to fall, Gautam holds her. Otherside at Prafula’s home, the kid’s family has come to see Anita. Prafula is telling the kid’s mother that Gautam bamboozled her.

Saroj comes there and says Gautam got the shop back and if Anita hadn’t done show that day, she would have been the proprietor of the shop. The kid’s mom insults Prafula and says Anita like young ladies can never get hitched. Anita slaps her and requests that she get out. The kid’s mother says she will tell individuals, how she attempted to swindle them. The kid’s family leave from that point.

Anita cries. Prafula asks how Gautam got back the shop. Jagath says Dhara brought karma for Gautam and his family. Prafula furiously looks on. Gautam fixes again Pandya store name board. Kaku requests that Dhara put the laurel on the board. Suman says Gautam will put it. Gautam says he can’t do it single-handedly and requests that Dhara help him. The children bring last for Dhara. Gautam and Dhara together put the laurel on the board sharing a grin.

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