Pandya Store 22nd February 2022 Episode Written Update (22/02/2022)

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Pandya Store 22nd February 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 22nd February 2022 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Prafulla invites the Pandyas

Air Date: 22nd February 2022

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 22/02/2022 Episode Start with Suman telling Dhara to eliminate everything of Raavi from Shiva’s room before supper. Dhara says that Shiva and Raavi have had many large battles since their adolescence, Yet they generally regard each as other. Suman says that she will become obstructions to their way. She faults Raavi for Dhara losing her kid. She needs to enlist police grievance against Raavi, Prafulla and Anita. Dhara reminds Suman that she allowed Raavi seven days time to defend herself. Suman says that she gave it for the good of her loved ones. She doesn’t confide in Raavi.

Raavi opens her bag. There are just papers clinched. Raavi says that she didn’t bring her garments as she came distinctly to cause Prafulla to admit reality and return to Shiva. Prafulla comes to Raavi. She needs to put Raavi’s garments in her cabinet. Raavi stops Prafulla and urges her to call Pandyas and welcome to their party.

Dhara demands Suman to drop enlisting a police grievance. Dhara says that she would rather not go through that torment once more. She will be additionally interrogated regarding the lost youngster. She will not have the option to bear it. Suman inquires as to whether she doesn’t need them to get rebuffed. Dhara says that God will rebuff her guilty party. All at once Prafulla calls Suman. The last option gets it. Prafulla says that she coordinated a party to observe Raavi’s return and welcomes Suman and her entire family. Suman acknowledges the greeting. She requests that Prafulla welcome her children independently. Prafulla concurs

In the shop, Shiva yells at Dev. He faults Dev for not orchestrating the stocks appropriately. Dev says that Shiva is venting out somebody’s outrage on him. Shiva drops something. Dev says that Shiva is making problem and requests that he not accomplish any work if can’t. He adds that he has sympathy for Raavi and she’s right with regards to Shiva. He’s a monkey. Suman tells Dhara that God gave her a plan to rebuff Prafulla. She enlightens Dhara regarding Prafulla’s party. Dhara inquires as to whether she will go. Suman says that they all will go. She telephones her children to illuminate them about it.

Shiva shares with Dev that from now on nobody will call him monkey as Raavi left the househouse which shocks Dev. The last option faults Shiva for driving her away from the house. He says that Raavi is correct and Shiva is off-base. He says that Raavi is violated by getting hitched to Shiva. Shiva inquires as to why he wedded Rishita leaving Raavi. He faults Dev for their difficulty.

Gautam comes there and stops Shiva and Dev’s battle. He requests that they call down. He says that he got Suman’s call and said that they need to go Prafulla’s home evening. Krish and Kriti are in the auto. Krish mourns that Rishita needed to come to the equivalent bistro where they were. He chooses to meet just in the posterior of his home henceforth. Prafulla comes to Pandya shop and welcomes the Pandya sibling to the party coordinated to observe Raavi’s return. Shiva exhaust out of frustration. Gautam consents to come.

In the evening Pandyas prepare to go for the party. Opposite side Prafulla is making plans for the party. Raavi comes to her. Prafulla praises her look. Raavi things as a primary concern that she made game plan to cause Prafulla to admit reality. Rishita is in her office meeting. She’s doing show. She accepts Dev’s call, however separates it. At Pandyas house, Dhara is shocked that her family is eager to attend Prafulla’s party and inquires as to whether they don’t depend on anything. Shiva says that they simply need to partake in the party’s food. All at once Krish comes and says that he got everything Suman needed. Dhara inquires as to whether they are arranging something. They deny. They generally prepare to leave.

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