Pandya Store 19 February 2021 Episode Written Update (19/02/2021)

Pandya Store Tv Show Written Updates

Pandya Store 19th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store 19 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Suman gets jealous when the kids praise Dhara

Air Date: 19 February 2021

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 19/02/2021 Episode Start with Dhara comes out. Suman affronts Hardik. She says he understands that no one will marry his sister, so he used the opportunity and get her hitched to Gautam. He fulfilled a kin’s commitment, anyway shouldn’t something be said about a buddy’s commitment. She denounces him and Dhara and leaves starting there. Hardik says to Dhara that he got familiar with from Shanta kaki that Suman shot her inside a room. Dhara says Suman is perturbed considering the way that her dream about Gautam’s marriage got broken. She promises him that she’s adequate on a key level, so she has given incredible characteristics to her young people.

Dhara is certain that she can win Suman’s friendship one day. Hardik asks her since when she has gotten shrewd. Dhara says when he will get splendid. She moreover needs a sister-in-law. Gautam comes there. Hardik accepts him. He promises him that all will be well. Gautam motions. He goes to offer medecine to his mom. Hardik demands Dhara to take care from herself and pulls out. The kids says they’re insatiable. She takes them to give food.

The youngsters praise Dhara’s food. Suman angrily looks at Dhara. The last stops Krishn and says he shouldn’t waste food. She deals with him. Suman says she’s endeavoring to show she hadn’t teached her kids to have food. It’s favored the food goes waste over youngster fall cleared out. She demands that Krishn leave. He consents.

Gautam says to Dhara that he is making place in his bureau for her pieces of clothing. They should share everything. He adds when she will sort out her pieces of clothing, she will in like manner arrange his pieces of clothing. Here’s the advantage of their affiliation. Both of them chuckle. Dhara coordinates his articles of clothing while aaj se teri sari galiyan meri ho gayi works outside of anyone’s ability to see. Youngsters come there.

.They say they will make her bed. Gautam stops the kids. He demands that Dhara set down with the youngsters. Dhara says this is their room and the kids has the affinity to set down with him. He asks regarding whether they has any issue if Dhara set down with them in this room. They say they don’t have any issue, anyway where he will rest. Gautam says he will rest outside the room. He convinces the youngsters.

They run outside to make his bed. Dhara’s saree slows down out in the seat. Dhara and Gautam share an eye lock while mujhe tumse pyar hai plays in the BG. Kids demands that Dhara relate a story. She agrees. They get stimulated. Dhara uncovers to them a story. Gautam moreover checks out her story since his bed. The kids get an idea from that story. Shiva demands that Dhara get water for them. He asks concerning whether they’re ready for the plan. They motion yes.

Dhara stirs from rest. She sees the kids are missing. She goes to Gautam. She gets shocked seeing the guideline doorway open. She floods out of the house . She sees the youngsters going in their bicycles. She contemplates where they’re going in the late night. She follows them. The kids show up at the legitimate advisor’s office. Shiva demands that Krishn hold on outside and whistle if anyone comes. Shiva and Dev endeavor to break the lock. Krishna says he’s scared to stay alone here. Shiva thinks. He sees a window on the doorway.

He proposes going inside anyway that window. Krishn says he will go first, yet his body slow down out in that window. Shiva endeavors to break the lock. Otherside Gautam stirs from rest. He sees Dhara and youngsters are missing. He searches for them. He by then sees the essential doorway open.

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