Pandya Store 15th January 2022 Episode Written Update (15/01/2022)

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Pandya Store 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 15th January 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Prafulla instigates Shiva against Raavi

Air Date: 15th January 2022

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 15/01/2022 Episode Start with Dhara tracking down a neglected child. The child is crying. She says that the should be ravenous and takes the child to get something which will quiet child’s yearning. At the police lock up, Shiva communicates his disdain for Raavi by composing on the divider. He reviews the new happenings. He hits his hand against divider. He yells that he loathes Raavi, she did exceptionally off-base.

Other hand Raavi is strolling on the widely appealing reviewing what occurred in the clinic. A vehicle hits Raavi and she tumbles down. Prafulla comes to Anita and asks Anita to stop her acting and requests what good reason Suman referenced with regards to Kamini. Anita will not say first. Prafulla chides Anita. The last option at last enlightens Prafulla concerning Kamini’s arrangement.

Prafulla attaches Anita to the seat while Anita yells to leave her. Prafulla says that it’s great Shiva got captured, however Raavi will not be content with this and will attempt to rescue Shiva and she will come and battle with Anita. Prafulla requests to profess to have incomplete amnesia. Anita says that Prafulla is savvy, she’s doing this to save her. Prafulla reproves Anita and requests that she not move. Prafulla says that she needs to meet her Shiva before Raavi can meet him.

Dhara places the child in the sanctuary and goes to a tea slow down to get milk for the child. As thethe tea vender don’t have milk, she gets tea and bread rolls. The tea dealer gets Dhara when she attempts to move saying that she’s leaving without paying cash. Individuals accumulates there. Hardik goes by that side talking over telephone, yet he neglects to see Dhara. The last option says that she will give the cash later as she doesn’t have cash now and she needs to leave direly. However, the tea dealer will distrust Dhara and requests that she wash the vessels to redress.

Pafulla shows up to the police headquarters. She sees the news on TV in which the journalist tells about Dhara and a child called Karishma’s absent from the clinic. Prafulla gets glad hearing this. Prafulla says to the examiner that she’s Shiva’s auntie, she brought nourishment for him s his mom isn’t well. The examiner requests that the woman constable take Prafulla to Shiva. Prafulla gets down on Shiva. The last option inquires as to why she has come here. Prafulla insults Shiva. She says that she brought nourishment for him as neither his family has come to see him nor Raavi.

Raavi won’t come since she has sent him to the prison, she’s partaking in her tea and roll at her home. Raavi is oblivious in somebody’s home. A lady says that don’t have any idea who’s little girl she’s, the reason she was strolling on the widely appealing, she can get her location when she will acquire her awareness. Prafulla ridicules Shiva saying nobody has come to rescue him. Dev is out of city, for Rishita just her work matters, Raavi needs to get freed off him and Gautam is searching for Dhara. Shiva gets stunned and asks what she implies. Prafulla says that Dhara flee from the medical clinic stunning Shiva.

Dhara wraps up washing the vessels and inquires as to whether she can get a glass of tea and bread rolls. The tea dealer says that the vessels she washed is to remunerate the tea glass she broke and asks her cash for tea and bread rolls. He requests that Dhara leave. Shiva yells at Prafulla and cautions her. Prafulla ridicules Shiva saying that he can’t emerge from prison, just Raavi and Anita can take the gripe back and save him, yet both will not do this. Raavi detests him. As he doesn’t need to take care of him, she brought nourishment for him.

Shiva holds Prafulla’s neck. He drives her away and requests that she leave. Prafulla curses Shiva and leaves. Shiva imagines that assuming Dhara is missing, Gautam and Suman should be stressed, he needs to leave the prison in any case. Dhara finds a woman. She is sorry to her and puts the vegetables that has fallen in that woman’s sack. The woman sees Dhara’s missing information on the TV set in a shop and needs to illuminate police. Dhara gets stressed that assuming police comes, they will grab the child from her.

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