Pandya Store 10th October 2022 Episode Written Update (10/10/2022)

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Pandya Store 10th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Pandya Store 10 October 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: A shocker for the Pandyas

Pandya Store Air Date: Pandya Store 10th October 2022

Full Written Update: Pandya Store 10/10/2022 Episode Start with Shiva sharing with Dev that Raavi hasn’t arrived at the hotel yet and inquiring as to whether she informed him. Dev says that Shiva can message or call Raavi to ask something similar. Pandyas give a dance execution to the tune Badtameez Dil. Raavi arrives at the retreat. Raavi sees Shiva moving and feels that he didn’t hang tight for her or call her to ask while she’s coming. In the mean time, Shiva believes that Arnab probably dropped Raavi off at the hotel. Raavi feels that Shiva could request that she explain the misconception. Shiva imagines that he didn’t reserve the privilege to address Raavi.

Shweta accepts Deven’s message. She goes to find him while the Pandyas are in the middle of moving. Rishita and Dhara notice that Shweta is missing. They request that Raavi handle it here and go to track down Shweta. Shweta meets Deven. As they are talking, Deven sees Dhara and Rishita coming that way. He stows away, hauling Shweta alongside him. Shweta sees Dhara and Rishita. Shweta gives the pack which contains copy gems to Deven and requests that he trade them with the firsts. She says that the first adornments was seen toward the end in Suman’s room.

Here, the Pandya siblings search for Dhara and Rishita to request that they give a dance execution and they notice that they are absent. Raavi misleads them. She says that she will give a dance execution. Suman reviews Rishita needed to express something about Shweta, however Dhara took her from that point. She becomes dubious. Raavi gives a shaking execution. There, Rishita and Dhara arrive at Suman’s and actually take a look at the space for the phony gems. Rishita says that the first adornments is in Chutki’s pack and the sack is with Suman. Deven hears this.

Here, Raavi asks where Shweta is. All of a sudden, Shweta begins to move. Krish shares with Raavi that Shweta gives that exhibition for him. He joins Shweta. Gautam asks Raavi where Dhara and Rishita are. Raavi provides him with the reason of them going to change the infants’ diapers. There, Dhara says that the copy adornments isn’t there. Perhaps they’re off-base about Shweta. Rishita is certain that Shweta should have the copy adornments with her. Rishita goes to face Shweta. Dhara attempts to stop Rishita and pursues her.

Rishita yells to stop the music. She proclaims that this marriage won’t occur. She blames Shweta for taking their cash and gems, which shocks everybody. She calls Shweta a hoodlum and a miscreant and won’t allow her to wed Krish. Krish asks Rishita for what reason Shweta would do as such.

Rishita shows the photographs of adornments that Shweta clicked in Dhara’s space to Krish and educates them concerning Shweta’s arrangement to make copies of her gems and trade them with the firsts. She asks Shweta where the pack that she had been having with her the entire day. She says that the copy adornments is in that sack. Deven gets frightened of getting found out with the pack. He puts the sack on the floor and leaves. Pandyas triy to quiet down Rishita, yet all the same to no end. Rishita says that they need verification against Shweta. She has verification now, so she won’t stop.

Rishita takes the pack that Deven left and shares with Shweta that the copy adornments is in that sack. Rishita attempts to open the pack to uncover Shweta. The last option takes the sack from Rishita’s hand. She begins acting blameless by doing a close to home show. Raavi requests that Rishita stop. Krish requests that Dhara quiet Rishita down. Rishita yells to stop. She says that Shweta is doing show. She takes steps to take off from the house on the off chance that that sack isn’t checked.

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