Paddy laden trolleys are standing at the center, portal closed


Jagran Correspondent, Ghosi (Mau): Paddy laden trolleys are standing at the government purchasing centers of the cooperative department. From 24 January, farmers are guarding the center all day in the hope of opening a closed procurement portal. On the other hand, after selling the paddy, there was a message of payment of price on the mobile of farmers but even after one and a half months the payment has not been received. This is the situation when only 35 percent of the paddy procurement has been done in the district. Since the beginning, due to the negative attitude of the government towards paddy procurement, now the hope of farmers is dying.

This year the government has also changed the system of transportation and payment of paddy from the registration of farmers to the purchasing centers to the mill. Farmers willing to sell paddy got registered somehow. The change in the compulsory registration system was that the computer accepted the registration of only one account holder with a Khatauni and a Gata number. Due to this rule, farmers living separately, whose Khataunis were joint, could not sell paddy. Such farmers sold paddy in the market at a low price. Payment due to PFMS method now Khatauni, Due to the difference in the names of the farmers in the Aadhar card and bank pass book, some farmers stayed away from the purchasing center. After crossing all these obstacles somehow reached the center, sometimes due to shortage of sacks and sometimes due to lack of space in the warehouse, the center in-charge showed coldness. Meanwhile, in September and December, Indradev was kind to the people, so the paddy of all the farmers could not live up to the standard of governance and the purchase was interrupted. Some farmers preferred to sell paddy in the open market to avoid the clutches of regulations. Another rule is that even though the paddy is sold at the center but till the said rice rice is not available, and feed on the portal, its payment process will not start.

Palm stuck on the palm

However, after completing this process, the department gave a message on the mobile of the farmers to be paid in their bank account soon. This message came but even after one and a half months the money could not reach the account. Meanwhile, due to the sudden closure of the portal in the last week of January, the purchasing center in-charge refused to purchase farmers’ paddy. In many places, farmers also created a ruckus. The administration assured such farmers to purchase at the opening of the website. Due to this assurance, farmers reached the center with paddy in the trolleys. So far, the center in charge has been raised due to the non-opening of the procurement portal. Another biggest problem is that all the farmers have sold paddy and the acknowledgment is in their hands but the purchase data has not been fed due to the closure of the website. What such farmers should do is beyond comprehension.

Paddy Price Payment Portal is now open. Funds are also being received from the government. All farmers will be paid in maximum ten days. A letter has been written to the government regarding farmers whose paddy has been purchased but cannot be fed. Feeding will be done as soon as the portal opens.


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