One year imprisonment, if check bounces, the complainant will be returned guilty by Rs 7.5 lakh


Hansi, If you do not have money in your bank account and you have given a check to someone, then be careful. Because if the check bounces, you will incur a huge loss. The court’s decision in one such case is sung. The Hansi court sentenced the accused to one year imprisonment after completing the hearing of a four-and-a-half year trial when a check bounced in return for the loaned money was returned. Not only this, the court has also decreed to give compensation to the complainant for seven and a half lakh rupees in lieu of Rs. 5 lakhs.

Senior advocate Praveen Mittal, advocate for complainant Satbir Singh, resident of Rakhi Shahpur village, said that Surendra, a resident of Asan village in Rohtak district, had borrowed Rs 5 lakh from Satbir Singh in October 2015, saying that he would get only 2-3 months when the need was met. I will return these money back. After not giving the money on time, Surendra Singh gave a check of Rs 5 lakh to Satbir Singh, which Surendra deposited in his account in Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank located in Rakhi Shahpur village, but due to lack of balance in Surendra’s account, this check bounced. done.

On this, Satbir Singh filed a case against Surendra in court in May 2016. On completion of the hearing of this case which lasted for almost four and a half years, the judicial magistrate of Hansi, Manjeet Pal, convicted Surendra and sentenced him to one year imprisonment and also issued an order to pay the complainant Satbir Singh Rs 7.5 lakh. Have done.


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