Oldest white tigress ‘Kalpana’ dies in Delhi zoo


New Delhi / Desk. Kalpana, the oldest white tigress in Delhi Zoo, died. Suddenly fell ill on Tuesday and died on Wednesday. She was 14 years old. The zoo director says that on Tuesday, Kalpana’s health deteriorated and she stopped eating and drinking.

Three doctors were engaged in Kalpana’s treatment, after that help was taken through video call from AP Srivastava, the country’s biggest doctor and tiger expert but we could not save him. The doctors sent their report to Thursday in which they have described the kidney problem as the cause of death.

Doctors say that his kidney, liver had failed due to age, due to which he died. The postmortem report has been sent to the Bareilly Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) for examination. Corona infection has also been investigated but no symptoms of corona virus have been detected.

IVRI has also clearly stated that Kalpana’s death is not due to corona virus, so more detailed investigation is being done. Kalpana had given birth to seven children at the zoo in Delhi and many had given birth to her and others to the zoo. So Kalpana has eight children in Delhi Zoo. The zoo of Delhi was the oldest white tigress. Who died on Wednesday evening.


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