Now Voter ID will have to be linked with your Aadhar card! Preparation of Election Commission completed


National Desk: The Law Ministry has given permission to link voter ID cards with Aadhaar. The Election Commission sent such a proposal to the Ministry of Kanoon in August 2019, which has been accepted by Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The Election Commission had said that it needs legal rights to gender the 12 number Aadhaar card and voter ID card.

New-old all would give the base number
, according to the Indian Express report, said the EC would help to curb bogus voters to do so. Therefore, all old and new voter cards will be controlled. So all old and new voter card holders will also have to provide their Aadhaar number. However, even if a person does not do so, his name cannot be removed from the voter list and cannot be prevented from being included in the list.

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the Election Commission will take adequate steps to protect these figures from being hacked, copied or stolen. Linking of Aadhar to Voter ID cards will put a check on fake voters. This will put a check on the bogus voters. Various political parties across the country also agreed to link the voter ID card to Aadhaar in a meeting held in August.

38 crore people linked to Voter ID Aadhaar
The Election Commission wrote a letter on December 12, stating that it had made adequate arrangements to protect such data. The Commission said that it will validate the data in two ways only at the time of application. By no means will Aadhaar’s data go into the voter database. Aadhaar number will be used only for verification. A separate infrastructure has been constructed for this. There are several security steps for the server, including access control systems, firewalls, IPS and anti-virus. Whatever data will be available in the beginning, it is completely banned from making available, transfer, distribution, transmission or circulation to any person.

So far, the Election Commission has linked the voter ID card of 38 crore people to the Aadhaar number. However, this exercise started in 2015, the Election Commission had to stop after the court’s decision. A total of 75 crore people have voter ID cards across the country. The exercise was launched in February 2015, although it was stopped after the Supreme Court’s ruling came in August the same year. The Supreme Court had then allowed Aadhaar to be used only for ration, LPG and kerosene.

Law will have to be changed
For this, the central government will change the Aadhaar Act 2016 and the Representation of People Act. For this, a bill will be brought in Parliament, after which it can be done after it is stamped. The Supreme Court had said in its ruling that Aadhaar is mandatory to take advantage of government schemes. Apart from this, Aadhaar can be sought but it will not be mandatory. However, the Supreme Court had asked for securing the privacy of Aadhaar in it.


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