Now it will be expensive to smoke in public place


Jagran Correspondent, Noonh: The district administration is concerned about health, now it will be expensive for people to smoke in public places. Deputy Commissioner Pankaj has instructed the officers to appoint an employee in the office, challan the smokers and report every month.

The government has banned smoking in public places. No person should smoke in public places. To ban it completely, there should not be any tobacco products shop within 100 meters of schools and colleges. Deputy Commissioner Pankaj gave this information in a meeting organized with the Health Department. He said that if a person sells tobacco to children below 18 years of age, then there is a provision of punishment as per rules. There is also a provision of a fine of up to 200 rupees for smokers in public places. Deputy Commissioner Pankaj directed all the concerned officers to appoint any one of the employees in their respective offices to challan the smokers and report them every month. Target to eliminate TB by 2025: After this, Deputy Commissioner Pankaj, while reviewing the meeting of the District TV Forum, said that the goal of the government is to eliminate TB from India by 2025. To meet this goal it is necessary to strictly follow the government guidelines. He said that any person should have TB May be for that you must get your investigation done from time to time. If you have a complaint of cough for more than two weeks, please get a doctor checked. District Tuberculosis Officer Dr. Praveen Raj Tanwar told in the meeting that there is a provision to give incentive form of Rs 500 per patient to a person who is giving information about TB patients and who is giving medicines. Take blood from a registered blood bank: The Deputy Commissioner instructed in the HIV review meeting that people should be made more and more aware of the causes of the outbreak of AIDS and that people should be told that blood, needles, obtained from AIDS unregistered blood banks Or children can get AIDS from their mother. If any person needs blood, take blood from the registered blood bank. Additional Deputy Commissioner Vikram Singh, SDM Punhana Vaishali Sharma, SDM Noon Pradeep Ahlawat, SDM Tawadru Satish Yadav, CSGA Praneet Jaiswani, District AYUSH Officer Dr. Manju Bangar, Dr. K.P. Sushil, Dr. Sanjeev, Dr. Basant Dubey and officials of Transport, Women and Child Development were also present.


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