Not only terror from Pakistan, but also danger of polio!


Sonipat (Sandeep): Not only terror from Pakistan, but now polio is also threatened. Lack of control of polia in Pakistan can be costly for India. From there, the polio virus can enter India anytime and there is a possibility of increasing the incidence of polio again. In such a situation, it has become a compulsion for India to continue polio drops here.

India has been declared polio-free after a long campaign, but the Pakistani is still polio-affected. So far 76 cases of polio have been confirmed in Pakistan. India has won the war against polio, but the country is in danger of being harmed by polio from Pakistan. Actually, India has become polio free 5 years ago. Pakistan is still battling this contagious disease. In Pakistan, 12 polly patients were confirmed in 2018, which has increased to 76 in 2019 this year.

In such a situation, there has been a significant increase in the case of polio in Pakistan, due to which polio affected Afghanistan citizens are said to have come to Pakistan. In such a situation, the possibility of polio spread in the country is increasing. Whereas in 2011, only one case of polio was reported in India. Three years later, the World Health Organization declared India polio free. On October 21, 2019, the World Health Organization has issued a certificate to declare India polio-free, but despite this, the polio-free campaign will continue in the country for fear of polio coming from Pakistan. Although polio disease can happen to a person of any age, but children up to 5 years of age become the victims of this disease.

What is polio and how it spreads

Polio is an infectious disease caused by the polio virus. The intestines of children suffering from polio virus are affected because this virus is in the intestines. The virus is excreted from the feces of children suffering from polio and spreads to other children. A child suffering from polio has a headache, high fever and a sore throat. Apart from this, children having vomiting and loss of appetite also become the cause of polio. Doctors say that the treatment of polio disease is vaccine and medicine. Therefore, children should be given a drop of polio.


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