Nirbhaya convicts increase tension in Tihar jail, no hanger


New Delhi: There is a lot of anger and anger across the country over the incident with the female doctor in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad incident has once again injured the nirbhaya gang-rape. It has been seven years for the Nirbhaya gang rape but the accused have not yet been hanged. At the same time, it has come to light that Tihar, one of the largest jails in Asia, does not have a hangman, questions have started to be raised on how the accused will be hanged.

In this case, the jail administration says that whenever a convict has to be sentenced to death, those jails who have their executioners are contacted. According to the jail administration, the executioner is brought to Tihar for a day and after hanging the convict, the executioner returns to his posted prison. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also demanded that the accused be punished soon, amid public outcry over the Hyderabad incident.

mercy petition – On the file of mercy plea of ​​Vinay guilty of ‘No Apology’ Nirbhaya, Delhi Government wrote ‘No Apology’ and sent it to Lt. Governor (LG). Kejriwal said that the Delhi government is not in favor of waiving the death sentence of the culprit who committed such heinous crime. The mercy petition sent to the Lieutenant Governor by writing ‘No Apology’ by the Delhi Government has now gone to the Director Delhi and he will forward it to the Home Department of the Government of India.

Eventually the mercy petition will be sent to the President, if the President rejects the mercy petition, then the jail administration will go to court and the court will issue the Death Warrant, also known as the Black Warrant. After the death warrant is issued from the court, further process of hanging the culprits will begin.


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