Nimki Vidhayak October 8 2019 Episode Written Update “Mintu Agrees To Be Babbu”


Nimki Vidhayak 08/10/2019 Written Episode Update, Nimki Vidhayak October 8 2019 Episode “Mintu Agrees To Be Babbu” Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Mintu Agrees To Be Babbu

Episode Air Date : 8 October 2019

Scene 1

Mintu’s partner says that you don’t have a mother that is the reason your heart is broken for Anero. You are doing it for him. Nimki writing. She says that Nimki is calling me at 9 am to prepare for progress towards becoming Bablu.

The tune says that there is no cause for concern. I’ll rest here, you can stay in bed. You have the option of getting a room in the accommodation. I think the chief has disputed with me. Earlier my grant. Imagine a scenario where they show you. The tune says stay here. Try not to insist on individuals. What’s more, don’t insist on cash. I have always searched for work. I found a driver’s line at an MLA’s house. What does Mauha say? She falls down. Tune says what was the deal? She says she does not work at a priest’s house. Nimki will take a gander for you and grin. He says that we need to achieve. She says

You won’t be the driver before Nimki. He is right
The pastor says that Ganga is making a big arrangement. Did Mintu come? Mintu is listening. His PA says that Mishra will execute Nimki. As it may be, the Ganges may come in the middle. He asks to watch out for Nimki. Mintu comes in. The priest says that you need to do a play and challenge in a field. Keep your colleagues ready. What time does he say So I can design it as needed. Father says why? Do you need to go to the movies Mintu thinks if they are looking for him.

Mishra is called a pastor. He says don’t stress. We will accomplish something great. He slaps his man and says that I have requested that you cover the cash. I am being exposed to Nimki’s light. His man says that there is another driver outside. Mishra asks him to call him inside. This is the tune. He says I’m tune. I am from Ghat Tola. Mishra says that we do not speak anything about the vehicle. Start today

Nimki bores Mintu.

Ganga comes in pollen. She says you did a land deal? He says yes I did. You thought I would never do anything. Ganga says, I need you to get government issues. Just fix your photo. He says don’t play with me. Ganga says who else do I have now? When we complete this arrangement, we must begin the retreat. To fix your photo you need to eat hitchhikers. I have an offer from a very wealthy family. We need to show individuals that we need them. We make them feel that we are nothing without them. Make Simran feel the same. He says no, we need to show control. Shankar says that the rancher from which you took the land passed through there. What does Ganga say? Pollen says that I just killed him. Ganga says consume papers and evidence. See what you did Parag says that you requested that I get that land. Ganga says for my government issues and name, I will also negotiate my paternity. remember that.

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Grandma says I posted your picture. A great comment from young women. She says that today’s young women are very busy. Nimki comes in. Grandma says what are you doing here? Nimki says that she consented to me. Mintu says that I need to help Enero. His child I think so. Bablu’s picture display. Grandmother chowki. She says that she looks exactly like you. how? Nimki says yes. This is the reason. Did the tetrar come here? Grandma says that a dumb joke. Nimki says that once Enaro shows signs of improvement that we can come with him. Grandmother said no. Not this When she is fine, she will put him to sleep. He needs a touch of acting. Individuals spoke very well to him. He will be brought into honor. He will be a talented man in the end. Grandma tells the truth? Nimki hai


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