Nimki Vidhayak 3rd Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (3/1/2020)


Nimki Vidhayak 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat Serial “Nimki Vidhayak 3
January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Nimki Fools Shukla For Parag And Ganga

Air Date: 3 January 2020

Full Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 3/1/2020 Episode Start with

Scene 1

Mishra uncovers to Ganga that he has the incredible youngsters this time. Ganga says you can’t manage a great deal. You should be worried over Shukla anyway you are behind the youngsters. Our crucial business isn’t of selling youngsters yet to gain power, I can’t lose the force, look at Nimki, she is starting at now getting Shukla yet you are so slight. Mishra says don’t pressure, I will manage everything. Parag comes there and asks what was the arrangement? Ganga says Mishra’s business isn’t working so he isn’t focusing on our strategy. Tomorrow’s day is critical so don’t stop for a second in moving anyone from our way, paying little mind to whether you have to kill them by then do it.

The ministers uncover to Parag that we won’t be sold. We are dedicated to Shukla. Parag says Shukla didn’t give you anything, he gave you inconsequential administrations, you can come on Ganga’s side, you can advise us concerning your solicitations. The ministers express that for what reason did you call Nimki here? She isn’t a bit of Shukla’s social occasion. Parag says I need each and every constructive character under one housetop. Nimki comes there and says I have motivation for the duration of regular day to day existence. I always expected to sit between gigantic ministers. She feels that Shukla will be here anytime soon so we have to act.

Parag offers money to the ministers. The minister says our association with Shukla is above everything so money doesn’t snare us. Parag offers 60 crores. Nimki says I recognize, this is a significant aggregate. You people are not taking it up? The cleric says that you agreed at a lower cost, if you stopped, by then Parag would have offered aboce 100 crores. Nimki says I will get a house, beautifying agents and everything so I am orchestrated. The priest says her plan is done at this point we won’t be sold, we have a heart association with Shukla so we won’t be sold.

Parag commends and says incredible, he grasps him. Nimki calls Shukla there and shouts at his ministers. He says every one of you people are scheming me? The cleric says that abhorrence that. Parag asks what he is doing here? Shukla says you are obtaining my ministers, Ganga has stooped so low. The minister uncovers to Shukla that he called us to offer yet we said no, they are envisioning an unseemly picture here. Parag asks whose side would they say they are? They state we are Shukla’s partner. Nimki says they are right, they didn’t agree for 60 crores and said to hold up till 100 crores offer yet calm down, they will bounce back on your side. Shukla slaps his minister and says you are a snake, I won’t additional you people.

Scene 2

Parag uncovers to Ganga that Nimki was so incredible and guaranteed Shukla capitulated to our catch. Mishra says Shukla will endeavor to assuage them again. Ganga says kin can become enemies and they are not relatives. Parag asks with respect to whether Nimki will have the choice to do the third bit of this course of action? Ganga says we have to win this.

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