Nimki Vidhayak 30 Oct 2019 Episode Written Update (30/10/2019)


Nimki Vidhayak 30 Oct 2019 Episode Written Update, Nimki Vidhayak in October 30,2019 Episode Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Anaro Wants Babbu Singh Back

Episode Air Date : 30 October 2019 (30/10/2019)

The Episode begins with Anaro saying Babbu, I have kept a quick for you. Mintu gets stunned. He flees. She yells. Ganga meets Prasad. She shows the video of his arrangements against Tiwari. Mishra asks did you do this against your own gathering. She expresses such words occur in legislative issues, if your gathering see this video, it will be terrible. Prasad says I m faithful to my gathering. She says I was offering you a post in my gathering. She signs Mishra. She says you simply need to conflict with Tiwari, its opportunity to change your side, remain there and uncover the spot to make Tiwari fall. Prasad gets some information about recording. She says don’t stress, I don’t confess to the key to anybody. Prasad goes.

Mishra asks will you make him home pastor. Ganga says kids nowadays need enormous chocolates, you will the clergyman. Mishra grins. She sees

the video once more. Mishra says Mintu is Ashish’s companion. She says overlook it. Parag calls Surekha and chastens her. Shankar says Surekha kept quick for her kids. Ganga says a mum keeps quick for her kid, Surekha kept quick for her girl. Parag approaches didn’t you keep it for me. Ganga says when mum keeps quick, child does basically everything and breaks her quick, I m terrified you would make me break quick by wine. He says you don’t keep quick with the goal that you can kill me whenever. He goes. She cries.

Anaro will not have nourishment. Nimki comes. Specialist says she isn’t taking nourishment and drugs. Medical caretaker says we were talking outside and Anaro heard it, she took somebody’s quick dalya too. Anaro says Nimki, take a gander at this, I have met Babbu. Specialist and Nimki ask who came here. Medical attendant says Mintu Singh came here, Anaro got after him. Nimki looks on and feels terrible. Anaro approaches Nimki to make roti for Babbu. Specialist says she needs to take nourishment to take prescriptions.

Nimki asks Anaro to have nourishment. Anaro won’t. Dadi sees Ganga’s pic. She says I won’t let her shadow fall on my Mintu. Mintu comes and embraces Dadi. He cries. Dadi asks what occurred. He thinks to control his feelings. He says tests are clear, you don’t have a cerebrum. He snickers. Dadi embraces him. Tillu and Pichku joke on her. She takes shoe. Mintu blows up on his companions. He slaps Tillu. He reproves him. Mintu gets his pic and asks who is this lady with me in pic. Dadi says she was my neighbor, unfortunate lady, she used to do dark enchantment on you. Dadi asks Pichku not to take Nimki’s name. Tillu says indeed, she is mine. Mintu embraces Dadi and says none can grab me from you, I m apprehensive that you will be grabbed. The two of them make a clever video. They move on Why this Kolaveri di… . Mintu gets miserable thinking about her tumor. He hits the dance floor with her. He embraces her and grins.

Nimki asks Anaro to have nourishment. Anaro says simply get Babbu to me, will you inform him regarding my quick. Nimki attempts to nourish her. Anaro assaults the medical caretaker. Specialist asks Nimki to turn out. Anaro will not have nourishment. She says I will eat nourishment by Babbu’s hand.


Nimki asks will you make Mintu as Babbu, will you make the past the present. She gets thinking.


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