Nimki Vidhayak 29th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (29/1/2020)


Nimki Vidhayak 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update,Star Bharat Serial “Nimki Vidhayak 29 January 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Mai Promises To Destroy Nimki

Air Date: 29 January 2020

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Full Written Update: Nimki Vidhayak 29/1/2020 Episode Start with Nimki confronts Abhi how directly before all? Abhi says they should have an association with the police so we must be cautious about discovering their men. Nimki says where is Mai? I asked Minto to bring her here.

Shukla calls Ganga and says you are a numb-skull, I can’t be upbeat about this, you are a modest and blockhead. Ganga says you are accusing a lady to spare yourself? Shukla says you didn’t extra your better half that is the reason I need to converse with you. Ganga says he isn’t here so don’t burn through my time. You can’t manage that a lady is getting effective. Shukla says we need to accomplish something before Nimki demolishes us.

Ganga says I have just laid a snare for her, don’t stress. She parts of the bargains. Mai goes to Ganga’s home. Ganga says she is here? She goes to her and welcomes her inside. Mai says your gatekeepers were not letting me inside. Ganga causes her to plunk down and gives her water. She asks what was the deal? Mai says you said that Nimki is bamboozling me. Ganga says would she say she isn’t dealing with you? Mai says no, I don’t think about my family.

Ganga says your better half is in prison. Nimki has deceived me as well so I need to devastate her, will you help me? I will bring your significant other out of prison at that point. Mai says I guarantee to obliterate Nimki.. She reviews Babbu’s passing and says I guarantee on my dead child that I won’t extra Nimki, I will complete her and will take her tranquility right now after her demise as well. Ganga says I can see reality in your eyes. She gives her a few papers and says simply stow away these in Nimki’s home.

Minto is concerned that Mai is missing.

Ganga tells Shankar and Mishra that I will trap Nimki such that she should surrender her CM. We need to prevent Nimki from demonstrating my inclusion in young ladies dealing. I will demonstrate that Nimki was dealing young ladies and not me. She will be obliterated at that point.

Rekha says Mai used to meander around a ton, she may have passed on. Minto requests that her not state that. Mai comes there. Minto asks where was she? Mai says I went to petition God for Nimki as she is turning into a CM. For what reason didn’t she let me know? Rekha says would you say you are extremely upbeat that she is a CM? Mai admonishes her and says Nimkii can do anything now? I have heard that she has a major cabin. Minto says indeed, I will take you there. She leaves from that point.

Nimki offers meeting to the columnists and asks Nahar to talk for her benefit. Nahar acclaims her and says she will help the young ladies in getting ground-breaking. The columnist says you had the option to stop young ladies dealing. Nimki says I haven’t halted this game, posse is still out there. Mahua gets strained and runs from that point. Nimki parts of the bargains goes to Mahua. Mahua says for what reason did you need to state that? Nimki says I know your agony. Mahua says guarantee me to rebuff that Ganga.

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