Nimki Vidhayak 11th Oct 2019 Episode Written Update (11/10/2019)


Nimki Vidhayak 11th Oct 2019 Episode Written Update, Nimki Vidhayak October 11 2019 Episode “Mintu protests outside Ganga’s house” Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Mintu protests outside Ganga’s house

Episode Air Date : 11 October 2019

Nimki Vidhayak Written Update: Dadi says because of Nimki Mintu burned my saree. He couldn’t even cook for me twice. Mintu’s life is affected by her. But he has a heart of gold. He melts for people in need. Nimki comes in. Dadi says why are you after my Mintu now? Keep him away from politics. Nimki says I can never fall for him. I hate his face. Nimki says he is going to politics himself. Let me show you. Nimki shows Mintu’s protest video to Ganga. Nimki says see he is protesting outside Ganga’s house. Dadi is shocked. Nimki says yes. Nimki says she is such a nice lady. Dadi says she is a witch. Nimki says what.. She is amazing. Dadi says enough. Don’t say a word about her. I have to get Mintu away from there.

Mintu says farmers only have their land. I won’t these powerful

people take their lands. I would fight till the end for farmers. Shankar says Nimki said she can ask Mintu to leave. Ganga says I didn’t expect much from her. Parag says he word doesn’t have a value. You talk to Shukla. And I am never returning that land. Ganga says do you even understand this game? Shukla doesn’t need your land. He only wants to defame me and you gave him this change. Go drink and sleep. Shankar says what would we do now? Ganga says I have to talk to Shukla.

Dadi keeps calling Mintu. Ganga calls Shukla. He says all good? Ganga says yes, do you hear the noise? Shukla says never thought your son would kill a farmer. Ganga says the boys you sent here are threatening my staff. If I tell media I asked you for help yet you didn’t, what would your name be? They want to hit me. Ganga comes on the terrace and says please calm down. Her own man hits her on the head with a stone. Everyone runs. Media covers it. The man runs. Mintu sees him. Mintu’s friend says why didn’t Shukla tell us about it. Dadi says why grandson can’t do this. Nimki says he would go to jail now. dadi says please call him. Nimki says you call him. Mintu asks his boys to calm down. He says did anyone see who hit her with a stone? Dadi calls mintu and says I know where you are. You promised me you would stay away from all this. Mintu says I will come home and talk to you. Dadi faints. Nimki says what happened. Dadi says give me my meds.

Ganga’s wound is being dressed. The media talks in sympathy for Ganga. shankar says no one is talking about the farmer anymore. They have stopped protesting as well. Ganga says it got my sympathies. Now Shukla would get his own boys arrested and become a hero. Parag says we could talk or shoot Shukla. Ganga says you ruined my name by killing someone. Now I have to get hurt to get it back. Learn from that Mintu. He got into Shukla’s team. This is politics. Parag says then make him your son.

Vishnu says Mintu let’s go before the police come. Mintu says Shukla has asked us to get arrested. Visnu says what.. I can’t do that. Mintu says I can’t go. We will be out in two days. I need that money. His friend says are you crazy. What would dadi do? He says I am doing this for dadi.
Nimki says your Mintu doesn’t know this hurts you? She says politics is in his blood. I beg you please bring my Mintuu here. Nimki says police are on their way. They will arrest Mintu. Dadi says he lied to me. Nimki says there’s one way.

Nimki calls Mintu from dadi’s phone. Mintu says what are you doing with dadi’s phone? Nimki says dadi.. She.. I came here. She is no more. Mintu is shocked. Mintu’s friends ask what happened. Mintu runs from there. Mintu rushes home.


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