Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2022 Episode Written Update (31/8/2022)

Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors “Nima Denzongpa 31 August 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sujatha kidnaps Manav

Nima Denzongpa Air Date: Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2022

Full Written Update: Nima Denzongpa 31/8/2022 Episode Start with She need more opportunity to hold on until they pack their things she bring Manav there. We needed to conceal inside the house for not many days. how about we lock the entryway from outside.

Neighbors will think they headed outside. She requested that they rush up the things. Tushar imagines like values her thought and wouldn’t help her. Sujatha asks him could he help her? He is resolved not to help her in this. Sujatha challenges him that she don’t require anybody support she will do it single-handedly. Tushar grievances to his mother that she isn’t her little girl yet a killer. On the off chance that they support her again their life will be finished. In the mean time, Nima sits tight for Virat in transport stand. She fantasize Virat close to her.

Sujatha tied Virat in seat. He recovers his recollections. He reminds every one of his minutes he enjoy with Nima. Afterward, one individual stops his bicycle close to Nima. He requests that she get on his bicycle misconstruing her as call young lady. Nima attacks him for calling her. She questions him Is she called him? Is it true that she is chatted with him? She requested him to leave from that point. He leaves from that point. Nima calls Virat once more.

Sujatha takes his telephone and says how often she will call him. She switches off the telephone. She sits before him. Sujatha offers to him that main two kinds of people groups are here in this world. First sort individual will cherish their better half a great deal. They won’t give regard to another. Second one is utilize their significant other like taxi. After they utilized it they will leave it. That truly occurred in her life as well. She was additionally similar to Nima. At the point when her heart broke she cried a ton. In any case, she changed at this point. She imparted her past to him. She added that she was bearing this agony most recent 7 years. She uncovered her wrongdoing to him.

She added that Sujatha felt regretful for killing her significant other. She shuddered pondering her life. Afterward, she thought it was a decent discipline to him for made her cry. He demolished her life so she gave right discipline to him. After she killed him she felt fulfilled and cheerful. After him likewise numerous people came in her life however nobody remained long. She asks him might be he thinking for what good reason did she expressing this to him?

There is no utilization to conceal these all from him. Doesn’t he figure out everything shrewd and place the bag case under bed. In any case, he neglects to close the lock. Doesn’t he wanted to abscond with Nima around evening time. She knew it all of their arrangement. After he dozed she send message to Nima to arrive at transport stand. She came to meet him all things considered. Sujatha compromises him to kill him. She adds that she helped him from that mishap. She went gaga for him after scholarly he don’t remind his past. She assumed she got another life but on the other hand it’s not last longer.

Nima came to her life and cases her as her significant other. She offers to him that she adores everybody certifiable. Didn’t he checked her bag she protected everything of her darling inside it. Hand, teeth. She will keep his heart with her. She is acting unusual to him. Virat fears seeing her Pyscho conduct. In the interim, Tushar requests her mother to gather their pack as quickly as possible before Sujatha return. Take cash right away.

Sujatha gets back to home and tells them that she requested that they lock the entryway from outside. Tushar tells her they are leaving from here in genuine. They can’t ready to bear her abnormal way of behaving. She is his sibling that is the reason he didn’t griped in police headquarters. Sujatha requests that they leave on the off chance that they need yet don’t take her cash. Tushar uncovers to her they are in good company however she. Nima fears something happened to Virat and illuminates Sunita about it. She sees Tushar there and faces them. She argues them to uncover reality. He cautions her to avoid Sujatha.

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