Nima Denzongpa 29th November 2021 Episode Written Update (29/11/2021)

Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Nima Denzongpa 29th November 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv


Air Date: 29th November 2021

Full Written Update: Nima Denzongpa 29/11/2021 Episode Start with It is safe to say that you are apprehensive your awful things you did in past with my significant other will get uncovered? Nima attempts to lift her hand and stop. She says It was your significant other and thank god I haven’t told anybody. Nima says don’t even think about telling anything to my little girls. Asha says today I will tell it to everybody in this settlement. Asha then, at that point, goes to street and calla everybody out. Sunit and Tulika wonder who is this. Sunita sees and says this is Asha, yet what occurred at this hour.

They all proceed to accumulate. Tulika asks what was the deal? Asha says where is Suresh really at that time I can say. Tulika says why you want Suresh? Asha says your better half has greater insider facts stand by and watch. Tulika says I will beat you like anything in the event that you talk sick. Asha snickers and says I feel so pitty on you from now just you are feeling like this when you will know reality what will occur. All at once Suresh comes and sees Asha. Suresh says you came here to cause situation na, disappear and you folks go inside don’t allow this lady to do a scene here. Asha says why you got hesitant to get uncovered? Suresh says I am not. Asha then, at that point, uncovers about Suresh still in touch with Nima and how they cooperate at same spot without telling anybody and they should accomplish more things.

Asha insults Tulika, Suresh has quite recently given separation to grandstand the world yet he is consistently with Nima as it were. Tulika is stunned. Sunita asks Asha what garbage she is saying. Asha says ask your Suresh as it were. Sunita asks Suresh, Suresh expresses what’s going on in working at a similar spot however there isn’t anything more continuing. Asha calls names to Nima. Nima says Asha stop your garbage, or should I additionally tell your significant other’s existence. Asha says first you see na you are after each wedded men.

Nima approaches and gets moved by Asha while Amol gets Nima by the midriff. Nima feels his terrible touch and slaps him saying you dare not touch me. Amol says I ought to have shown you my solidarity that day provided that Asha didn’t come. Suresh comes and beats him. Nima stops him. Everybody uncommonly Asha is stunned hearing Amol admit up his wrongdoing. Nima says you came to demolish my life and presently see whose life got destroyed? He at last said reality so you are stunned na. Amol attempts to converse with Asha yet she leaves. Suresh requests that everybody go to home.

Here, Sunita reproves Suresh why he lied? Suresh says in this time and this age getting a new line of work is so troublesome, I am the just acquiring part in this family so needed to land any position I got so I arrived up in a similar spot since I need to procure for all of you. Hearing Suresh chide Sunita, Tulika chooses to talk distinctively as if not Suresh will not sign the papers. She goes first floor and cries and says I in every case simply needed you in my life, in the event that it was right for what reason did you lie? Suresh says since I realized you all think vey barely and will think like this. Tulika says I am not angry with you, sorry in case I hurt you, I just consistently needed you and your affection however in that interaction I drove you away from me. Tulika requests that he not get more furious and goes. Sunita is stunned.

Sunita later asks Tulika and Tulika says in case I wouldn’t have done that then Suresh will not have marked the papers. Tulika shows the papers which has just Sunita’s name. Flashback is shown where the legal advisor shows Tulika how it’s really her name and a slip is there with Sunita’s name so after the papers are marked the property will be hers. Sunita sends the photos to her attorney and he says it’s in your name.

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