Nima Denzongpa 24th November 2021 Episode Written Update (24/11/2021)

Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Nima Denzongpa 24th November 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Tulika Tries To Rile Up Sia And Shiv’s Lives

Air Date: 24th November 2021

Full Written Update: Nima Denzongpa 24/11/2021 Episode Start with You can say anything what’s in your heart and end it. Sia says this isn’t whenever you first made me disappear from my affection. My first love was my dad, you didn’t get your adoration so you made us disappear from our loves? Craziness requests that she stop it. Nima cries and says in case you individuals imagine that I made you disappear from your dad then I am grieved. She lets Sia know that how might you fail to remember that it was my slip-up to get hitched that way, I don’t need my little girls to rehash that slip-up. I comprehend your aggravation. Sia says I met Shiv’s better half today, I am so stung. Nima says you have known Shiv for multi month however I had known your dad for quite a long time. I wedded him, left everything for him, got his little girls however at that point I saw him wedding another lady, have more children and afterward I needed to live before him for what seems like forever. How might you feel that I need you to make your profession for your compensation? I was glad that you got the compensation only for your future, I needn’t bother with your cash. Sia says can’t cherish and profession is made together? Nima says OK yet love makes you unique. Contemplate Shiv, you said something to him however he didn’t allow you an opportunity and got hitched? You likewise quit carrying on with your life. I expressed that multitude of things for your own advantage, I realize you got injured so I am grieved. I will hang tight for you. She leaves from that point. Sia looks on.

Suman comes to Paras and says we can’t ease off from this marriage as we will be offended in the general public and it will influence your sister’s life moreover. I’m grieved. On the off chance that Mitali had expressed no then things would have been unique. Proceed to converse with Mitali, you will comprehend her better. Paras looks on.

Suresh comes to Sunita and requests that she rest with Tulika so he can rest on the couch. Sunita requests that he quit hauling her in their battles.

Suresh goes to his room, Tulika says Sia has grown up so quick. I recall her going around in little braids however today she carried a shirt for you with her compensation. Suresh says I am so cheerful, Nima has given them such a decent life. Tulika inquires as to whether Nima and Sia are not battling any longer? What might be said about Shiv? Suresh says I realized you were doing the show of getting tattle out of me. Avoid my little girls, simply center around Varun. On the off chance that you spy on them again then I will not extra you.

Sia is sitting alone. Lunacy and Nari come there. Nari requests that she converse with them. Sia says I would rather not talk. Lunacy says I realize you are going through a troublesome time however how might you converse with Ayi like that? this all happened in light of the fact that you misled Shiv, you need to continue on throughout everyday life. You must be solid at this point. Sia says I wish it was that simple, I see him day by day and saw his significant other today, she is so sweet. Shiv merits a sweet young lady however I want to be in her place. I don’t figure I can work there additional, I will search for another work. Nari says don’t be moronic, it’s a steady employment. Insanity says you may improve fellow than Shiv, simply be solid.

Scene 2

In the first part of the day, Sia is leaving for work. Nima attempts to give her morning meal. Sia returns and takes the lunch from her. Nima gets cheerful. Insanity says all will be well. Nima sees the compensation still on the table and says I requested that Sia put it in the bank. Insanity says I will give it to her. Nima says we can’t keep in the house. I will store it in the bank.

Tulika goes to Sia’s bank. She glances around and asks a director where is Sia? He inquires as to why? Tulika says I need to open a record. The director says you needn’t bother with Sia for that. Sia comes there and asks what is happening? The director says this lady was discussing you and acting up. Sia requests that she quiet down and takes her to her table. She asks what do you really want? Tulika says I need to open a record so thought to converse with you. Sia says it’s not my work. Tulika says you will not go about my responsibilities? Sia requests that she quiet down and says I will do it. Sia begins opening her record. Tulika thinks how to converse with her. She begins crying. Sia asks what was the deal? Tulika says your baba is stressed over you in view of that Shiv’s matter. Sia says he let you know everything? Tulika says I am his better half so he lets me know everything. You can converse with me as I am your other Ayi. I realize you are not conversing with your Ayi so tell me, share things with me. Sia says I would rather not talk about it. Sia leaves from that point. Tulika is leaving yet tracks down Shiv there.

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