Nima Denzongpa 13th October 2021 Episode Written Update (13/10/2021)

Nima Denzongpa

Nima Denzongpa 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Nima Denzongpa 13th October 2021 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Nima Clarifies Things With Her Daughters

Air Date: 13th October 2021

Full Written Update: Nima Denzongpa 13/10/2021 Episode Start with Varun inquires as to whether he drives a major vehicle for his chief? Suresh says OK. Varun says you can utilize vehicle Bluetooth to converse with Tulika. Suresh says do you need me to converse with her when my supervisor is sitting in the vehicle? It is safe to say that you are largely insane? I’m a blockhead however all of you are shrewd? I can find employment elsewhere so I can converse with Tulika the entire day right? Then, at that point, we will be eager yet can in any case talk. He irately leaves. Sunita requests that Tulika quit insulting Suresh, assuming he leaves the work, we will be eager. Tulika says I said an excessive amount to Suresh, I feel like he has another person in his life. I shouldn’t question him to such an extent.

Nima calls her girls and says I have made momos for all of you. Nari says I am not ravenous. Nima causes her to plunk down. Nari says Mania and Sia have work pressure however you look, glad mom? Nima says we have a decent house, we are progressing admirably so consider the possibility that there are inconveniences. These will disappear. Craziness asks Nari for what reason would she say she is in a terrible state of mind? Nima shows Paras’ gifts to them. Lunacy enjoys the watch and says I will keep it. Nima offers chocolates to Nari yet she says stop it. I can see reality, in contrast to Sia and Mania. You continue to encourage us to become free yet you are meandering around with him? Partaking in a ride with him? I saw him with you. Nima says he is your dad. Nari says remember that he tossed us out of the house when were defenseless however you are wandering around with him like he is your beau, possibly you have at long last acknowledged that you are one more lady in his life. Nima yells enough and lifts her hand yet stops herself. All look on. Nima is harmed and says Suresh is filling in as a driver at my manager’s home, he got terminated and required this work so I was unable to request that he not take it. We were in the vehicle in light of the fact that Suman sent us to accomplish the work. I’m harmed that my girl is questioning my goals. He was your dad and will remain so. I can discuss him and we will help one another so I don’t have to disclose anything to you. She goes from that point. Nari looks on.

Scene 2

Tulika is gathering garments to wash. She takes Suresh’s jeans and discovers Nima’s hanky there. She says I knew it.

Nari attempts to converse with Nima yet she is overlooking her. Nari cries and says I am grieved. She sits under her and cries. Nima says don’t do this. Nari embraces her and says when I see him, I get extremely furious. He never accepting me as his own so I can’t excuse him. You are my mom and father both. At the point when I saw you with him today, I felt irate. This all happened as a result of me, in the event that I was a kid, you wouldn’t need to leave your affection. You needed to turn into one more lady in his life as a result of me. Nima embraces her and says never, I never lamented having you. I’m carrying on with this life due to my little girls, you can never be my error. Lunacy and Sia stow away to see them. Nima sees them and says Nari is my top pick. Sia and Mania come there. Lunacy says I realized I am not your top choice but rather Sia should hurt hearing that Nari is your top pick. Nima chuckles and says you both have bits of my heart similarly. They all embrace one another and grin. Nima says we should proceed to eat frozen yogurt. Sia says I will get a treat.

Tulika comes to Suresh and shows him the hanky. He is shocked reviewing it’s Nima’s. He disregards her. Tulika says how would you have women’s hanky? Whose right? Answer me now or the consequences will be severe.. Suresh says OK, it’s women’s cloth however it’s my supervisor’s better half who lost it in the vehicle. Tulika yells that you allow me opportunity to question you. Sunita yells at them to stop it, you both can head outside and partake in some time together. He requests that Suresh take Tulika out. Varun says we as a whole can go together. Sunita says extraordinary thought.

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