Nilaanjana Song: Papon’s new song ‘Nilanjona’ takes you to the beautiful plains of Assam, watch video


New Delhi Famous Bollywood singer Papon is known for his spiritual voice. That is why the music of singer songwriter and composer Papon touches everyone’s heart. In this difficult time, Papon has released songs like Sajda Karoon, Akone Se Dance It Out, Par Hobe e Somoy, Hi Rabba. Now Singer has released another song for his fans, titled ‘Nilanjona’. This is an Assamese song. This song has been produced and composed by Papon as well as sung.

The song, written by Jananjaya Saikia, is a romantic song, showing love for nature. The most special thing about the song is that the music video for this song directed by Parashar Barua is animated. Talking about the song, Papon said, ‘I have heard many times that people are very fond of retro music and they like to listen to it again and again. Lyricist Jananjaya Saikia has written this song very beautifully. Because of this, half the purpose of this song was fulfilled just like this’.

‘The special thing about this song is that it has my animated avatar besides music. Even the house built in the animation by Manjeet Gogoi shows the beauty of Assam. Now I look forward to the response of my fans’. Let me tell you that this song produced by Papon was written by Jananjaya Saikia and directed by Parashar Barua.

Papon’s Bollywood songs are well known, along with the singer has also lent his voice to many Assamese songs. Actually, Papon himself belongs to Assam, so he has a special love for songs in Assam and there.


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