Nick Jonas has kept this romantic photo in his phone with Priyanka, have you seen?


New Delhi One of the most popular couple is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Often the pictures of both are dominated on social media and both of them also keep sharing their photos on Instagram. Romantic pictures of both are also in the discussion and both share quite a good bonding with each other, which tells their photos. Even Nick Jonas keeps the wallpaper of Priyanka Chopra in his phone.

A picture being shared on social media revealed that Nick has put a wallpaper on his phone. Actually, these pictures are from the airport, where Priyanka and Nick are leaving together and during this time Nick has taken his phone in his hand. When the phone lights go on, it is clear that they have put their romantic picture with Priyanka. Now this photo is being discussed a lot.

However, these photos are old because right now Nick and Priyanka Chopra are in isolation and packed in the house. At the same time, both are not traveling anywhere and these pictures are of an airport. Also, it is not possible to get out without masks in this corona virus environment, in such a situation that this picture is old, but it is known that Nick has put Priyanka’s wallpaper.


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