New discovery: the net made of coconut fibers will double the age of the road


Jalandhar [Manish Sharma]. The net made of coconut, which we burn as a waste, makes the net of its fiber double the road. This has been proved in the research of the Central Government’s Ministry of Coir Board. The Board, under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, has given the industrialists for commercial production of nets made of coconut fiber. Its production has started in Kerala. Its use is to be started from the village roads with less heavy vehicles. In this regard, a few months ago, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari also held a meeting with central agencies building roads. This information was given by the Zonal Director of Coir Board, JK Shukla.

JK Shukla, who arrived at the Handicroft Expo held in Patriot Memorial recently, said that as of now, asphalt and then premix are laid on top of the soil in making the road. When the car is moving, the load forces the road and it slips outward, causing a pit in it. The road breaks quickly. If you put this geoxtile on top of the soil, then it will keep the grip of soil and asphalt strong and also balance the load. This will double the lifespan of roads. Now it is again being given to the research team in view of some concerns of road construction agencies. Hopefully after that it will start being used.

… so the tree will not have to be cut down

Coirwood is also made from coir board. This wood made of coconut fibers does not have termites. Does not spoil with water. Even if it gets spoiled, it gets destroyed there by putting it in the soil. Zonal director JK Shukla says that if people use it, we will not have to cut
Sawdust became compost, murid murid

While peeling the coconut, it produces some powder with fiber. Usually people burn it, but the coir board has given it a soil like manure. Planting a plant in it doubles its growth. If it is a fruit or vegetable plant, it gives double production. It is in great demand in Amsterdam, Holland, famous for gardening.

Exports double in recession, but demand in domestic market less

Zonal director JK Shukla said that even though there is talk of a slowdown in the business of other things, the export of about 60 products made from coconut fiber has doubled in the last financial year. The business reached 2600 crores in 2018-19, which is expected to reach three thousand crores in 2019-20. Apart from Holland, they are used extensively in America, Europe and Russia because people there are using it instead of plastic, preferring environmental protection. Its annual market in India is ten thousand crores, which is an attempt to increase to 50 thousand crores. Due to lack of awareness in the country, they are little used.


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