Nearly 20 maps in 30 thousand houses, 10 thousand houses were demolished and rules were destroyed. Ambedkarnagar News


Ambedkaranagar [Rannvijay Yadav]. The number of houses in the city is increasing continuously with the population. According to the census of 2011, there were 18 thousand houses in the city. Now their number has increased to about 30 thousand, but the map is approved for only 20 thousand houses. Building rules have demolished 10 thousand houses.

The master plan was formed before 1975 for the planned development of the city. According to the rules of building construction in the periphery of the district headquarters body area, it is mandatory to pass the map. Even after this, concrete construction is being done without permission and passing the map.

For the construction of the map, a fee of eight rupees per square meter is fixed on the certificate of ownership of the land and the construction area of ​​the building. Along with this, one percent wage fee has to be deposited in the account of Labor Department. There is also a provision to install solar lights on buildings built in an area of ​​five thousand square meters. Also, while constructing residential buildings, three feet of land has to be constructed by road and drain. It is mandatory to build kitchen and toilets in the building.


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