Nazar 4th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (4/11/2019)


Nazar 4th Nov 2019 Episode Written Update, Nazar in November 4,2019 Episode Written Update on

Episode Name : Everyone In The Mirror

Episode Air Date : 4 November 2019 (4/11/2019)

Scene 1

Piya searches for Ansh. She hears the shower. Ansh’s witch is inside. He turns out. Piya says you can’t be Ansh. Where is Ansh? What did you do to him? He says a similar that happened to Chetali and Avi, and what might befall you. Piya says shut up. He says your better half couldn’t battle with me. On the off chance that Davansh couldn’t how might Devik. Piya says you will perceive how might Devik. Piya breaks the mirror. He says I would prefer not to catch you in the mirror. I have different designs for you. Piya looks in the water in the tub. Her witch turns out. She says go to your significant other.

Nishant says Ansh and Piya are caught in the mirror too. Pandit ji says what will we do now? On the off chance that they would, anyone be able to can. Nishant says Pari and Adi are out, so we have trust. They have forces like Ansh

furthermore, Piya. They won’t surrender.

Kalashree says I realized it won’t be anything but difficult to catch Ansh and Piya. Chetali says so how about we have Vedeshree here at this point. Kalashree says no. Chetali (witch) says who is left at this point? Avi (witch) says Mohana? Kalashree says she is a senior resident of witches, I have no dread from her. Chetal9 (witch) says who at that point? Kalashree says Adi and Pari.

Pari says mom and father didn’t return. Adi says would they say they are in a tough situation? Pari says we ought to go out and check. Adi says yet mom asked us not to go out. Pari says they may require us.

Pandit ji says we need to think about an approach to get them out. Nishant says on the off chance that they can’t turn out, is it conceivable that you can go in yet never turned out? Pandit ji says we should utilize a witch precious stone. Nishant says you’re correct.

Chetali says by what means will we go out at this point. Ansh attempts to break the mirror.

Kalashree says we will end up being the most dominant. You will all turn into my witch family. Avi (witch) says those children are still out. Kalashree says I will deal with them. You individuals handle Vedeshree. Piya (witch) says where is she? She shows them Vedeshree in the lift. The lift starts working and they return home.

Shekhar looks in the mirror and is gotten. His witch rendition turns out. Vedeshree says did you say anything? He says no. Chetali says poor children they don’t realize we are stuck here.

Vedeshree says where is everybody? Shekhar (witch) says they should be in their rooms. Piya attempts to break the mirror. It cuts Ansh’s hand. His hand doesn’t recuperate. Piya says for what reason isn’t it recuperating. Kalashree says your forces don’t work there. That is my reality.

Ansh says go from here Piya says our forces aren’t working. Avi says what will we do now? Chetali is crying. Shekhar says Vedeshree is separated from everyone else outside. Ansh says children shouldn’t step out of the room. Piya says that witch will attempt to get them out.

Kalashree leaves the room. She says Pari and Adi turn out. Adi says mother solicited us not to get out from the room. Kalashree says in Ansh’s voice, Adi and Pari turn out. Pari says father is calling us. We should go. Adi says stop. Adi looks out and sees Kalashree. He says to Pari dad and dadi aren’t there. There’s a witch who resembles dadi.

Scene 2

Dilruba comes to Naman and says for what reason do you look stressed? He says no. She says did Savi say anything? Naman says she continues offending me. Dilruba says how could she.

Vedeshree sees Piya and Ansh (witch). He says where were you? We stalled out in the lift. Shekhar please give everybody parsad. Shekhar, let me offer it to them. He says for what reason would you? Chetali (witch) says did you hear anything? Vedeshree says what? Shekhar says take parsad. Avi (witch) says I don’t need it.

Dilruba says I will gobble her up. Naman says for what reason do you talk about eating constantly. It occurs, individuals get anxious. Dilruba says when do individuals get anxious? Naman says when individuals are enamored. Dilruba says would she say she is infatuated with you? She needs to take my better half? How could she? Naman says unwind. Dilruba says I will see and check what’s between both of you.

Vedeshree says to Piya and Ansh (witch) what’s up with everybody? Avi got so furious when I was giving him parsad and Shekhar continues looking in the mirror. Ansh (witch) says all is well. Vedeshree says reflect? It broke, how? Piya (witch) says what number of inquiries do you pose? Ansh says you continue talking constantly. We have a real existence as well. Piya says don’t bother every one of us the time. Vedeshree says would you say you are distraught? Did I do anything incorrectly? Piya says how about we go Ansh. Vedeshree says Ansh never addressed me like this. What’s up with everybody.

Naman says Savi gave me a test. I will catch a dark power. He says Chota Pehlwan for what reason would you say you are making clamor? He says I am a symbol now. Naman says at that point keep very. Chota says I can support you. Be that as it may, you need to fix me. Bring gold, and cause me to eat. He says my witch spouse has it.

Pandit ji says everybody is caught in the mirror. Just children are out. Nishant says we need to discover a jewel first. On the off chance that everybody is gotten, we won’t have the option to do anything. Pandit says who is she? On the off chance that she is Vedeshree’s sister for what reason didn’t anybody let us know? Nishant says we need to discover who is doing it and why?

Kalashree breaks the entryway and comes in. She says you can’t flee from me.

Precap-Vedeshree sees Kalashree and says I got terrified of my own shadow. Kalashree says I am not your shadow, I am your sister Kalashree.


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