Nazar 31st Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (31/1/2020)


Nazar 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Nazar 31 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ansh and Piya caught with Van Vedhals

Air Date: 31 January 2020

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Full Written Update: Nazar 31/1/2020 Episode Start with the man eater pulling Piya off the vehicle and Piya takes a stab at assaulting him. Anyway he says that Saanvi and Naman are with them and they stop. On the opposite side Naman and Saanvi flee so as to get away from the man eaters. They run long and Naman falls incapable to endure any longer. He says about getting away from the individuals yet Saanvi says that they are not individuals however animals called Van Vedhals. Naman gets stunned and stresses over how to get away.

Saanvi says about the pioneer going at the rear of Ansh and Piya. They gets stressed when out of nowhere all the Van Vedhals show up before them and catches them. They are assumed to a similar position where Ansh and Piya are there. They all had a go at utilizing their forces however none work a lot to their stun. The Van Vedhals state that the wilderness has a place with them and none could control controls here aside from them. Piya has a go at controlling the trees utilizing her Daivik power however it doesn’t work. They all gets stressed over what to do.

Ansh faults Piya for the wreckage for arranging an excursion in the wilderness and furthermore offering lift to the person. Piya has a go at belligerence however Ansh taunts her. Piya acknowledges her misstep.

Nishant and others hurries to the two spots where the trees will be available while Vedashree reprimands Adi and Pari. Then again Ansh and Piya ponders about what they need from them.

Naman says that they are going to eat them however they deny saying that however their forces are not valuable there but rather they can be helpful for them. He requests that they go along with them and become Van Vedhals stunning them. They asks them to either become Van Vedhals or kick the bucket there. They requests some an opportunity to choose.

Nishant and Vedashree comes to initially put yet doesn’t discover Dafli there. They understand that Dafli is in the other spot where they’ve sent Shekhar, Chaitali and Avinash. Shekhar, Chaitali and Avinash discovers Dafli on street and is going to hurry to her however discovers truck moving toward her. To their stun Dafli jumps on the truck and vanishes. They all miracle how to answer Naman.

Naman gives a plan to Ansh and they all beginnings reciting supplications that Vedhals couldn’t endure it and tumbles down oblivious. Utilizing the open door they flee. On the opposite side the specialist finds the roots turning out to an ever increasing extent and comprehends that Mohana is correct. He gets stressed and calls her ward.

When they leave the wilderness Piya uncovers her arrangement if hitching Naman and Saanvi together. They discover Saanvi got by head Vedhal and it begins eating her. Naman assaults him and keeps him from down while Saanvi murders him with her tracker. Saanvi gets stressed for Naman and embraces him.

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Nazar 31 January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap.

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