Nazar 21st Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (21/2/2020)


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Episode Name: Family Gets Peace

Air Date: 21 February 2020

Full Written Update: Nazar 21/2/2020 Episode Start with Nishant says to Avi that I have set up pones. He turns out and tosses telephones close to zombies with caution on, all rush to it as music plays. Family rushes to transport and close it. Zombies run behind it. Mohana is attached to a seat. Rudra advises approach to driver. Vedsheree sees Ansh and Piya running on street. They stop transport and pull them in.

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Vedsheree embraces child and cries. Nishant sees line of circle and asks Avi to cross it to desert zombies. Vedsheree asks where is Chitali? Avi says driver will bring her home. Rudra says let me down here. Shekhar expresses gratitude toward him for helping them, Rudra says no stresses and gets down from transport. Transport leaves. Out of nowhere Rudra feels torment and reviews how zombie assaulted him. He says no, no.. he tumbles down and becomes zombie as well. Family returns home. Nishant says I will remove Mohana from here. He asks Ansh and Piya to live with family and start another life.

Nishant sits in transport. Mohana says you will close me in room once more? He says no. Nishant brings Mohana to a spot. Mohana says I will recover my forces soon. Nishant says you ought to be frightened. Mohana sees witch tree and says what? Nishant flourishes from tree and ties it around Mohana. She shouts no.

Nishant says you won’t get controls back till you are tied with these roots. Family does aarti of infant. Chitali says express gratitude toward God all are fine. She says our nephew is charming. Piya says I thought to name with all of you. Ansh says we will call him Munna till at that point.

Dilruba comes there and looks from window. Saanvi sees animal after a young lady. Naman and Saanvi covers up and attempts to get man however its another person. Animal has removed young lady from that point before they can get him. Ansh says I will bring Dilruba inside, she helped us in sparing Piya, I can express gratitude toward her.

Ansh opens entryway and calls Dilruba inside. She says child? She rushes to Piya and says its so beautiful, would i be able to contact? Piya says no, Ansh gestures at Piya and says she helped us. Piya hesitantly offers child to Dilruba. She says its pretty child, I will play with him every day and keep it with me. Ansh stops her. Saanvi says how he found a good pace my arrangement? Minister says how could he find a workable pace? Naman comes to witch room and sees Ganga and mother missing.

Piya takes infant from Dilruba. Dilruba says you took my infant, Piya says its my child. Dilruba says you are driving me crazy. Vedsheree says child needs its mom, Dilruba says so I will remain here and play with infant, all are strained. Some time passes and Piya plays with their slithering child. Ansh brings espresso and says I wish he has typical life.

Piya says yet he isn’t typical, he has a few forces. Their child begins slithering to divider behind them. Ansh says he is an ordinary child.

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