Nazar 2 11th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (11/3/2020)

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Nazar 2 11th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus Serial “Nazar 2 11 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv


Air Date: 11 March 2020

Full Written Update: Nazar 2 11/3/2020 Episode Start with Palak’s Uncle and Aunt provoking her for picking her parents in law over them and giving back the check to them. They insult that they are not here for any cause trust and tosses her out the house. Palak hears Naina’s voice from inside and takes a stab at heading off to her yet her Uncle and Aunt stops her. They requests that her go out else they would uncover about her crazy spouse to her sister. Palak leaves having no alternative. Then again Madhu removes Appu from the divider and takes a stab at mesmerizing him again however Appu falls oblivious. She hauls him to space to supplant him with counterfeit Appu. While she’s going to keep Real Appu on bed Urvashi and everybody comes inside. Madhu lies that Appu tumbled from bed while she went to bring water. They keep him appropriately on the bed.

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Palak is out and about reviewing all an incredible snapshots. She gets telephone from a couple and calls Daadi to enquire about Appu. Daadi says he’s fine and acts inconsiderate with her. She asks her to never go into the house again nor get in touch with them any longer as she has turned out precisely inverse of what they needed her to be. Palak is going to swoon tormented however the couple holds her water. Palak leaves saying that she will fare thee well. Daadi advises Urvashi about Palak’s call. Urvashi disdains Palak and censures herself for believing her to be the guardian angel. Madhu imagines that they don’t know what will occur and requests that her pause and watch.

Palak is sitting in sanctuary weeping hysterically. She says that all that happened to her is no any creative mind however reality yet none trusts her. Guruji comes there and says that he accepts. He says that a Dayan is there in the house stunning Palak. Following day Matarani parade is occurring when Pandit uncovers that its none other than Madhu who’s the Dayan stunning Palak. She denies trusting it saying that Madhu cherishes Appu a ton. Guruji says that a Dayan never adores anybody with the exception of herself. She can even slaughter her own significant other and child in the event that they come in her direction. Madhu is holding up outside Appu’s space to give the milkshake however he’s still sleeping. Urvashi comes to keep an eye on him yet Madhu sends her away apprehensive that Appu will uncover reality.

Guruji discovers Palak sparing a child and discovers her as Matarani’s endowments. He asks Palak to help him in crushing Madhu and she concurs. While Urvashi is leaving Appu increases cognizant and she’s surges inside. She asks how he’s. Appu takes a gander at Madhu and says that he won’t talk with her and he resents her. Madhu takes a stab at making him drink the milk shake yet he didn’t drink. He says about Madhu utilizing the stone on him causing him agony and keeping him inside the divider. Urvashi reviews Palak saying the equivalent. Madhu gets stunned.

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