Nazar 18th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (18/2/2020)


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Episode Name: Ansh and Piya ends Mohana’s era

Air Date: 18 February 2020

Full Written Update: Nazar 18/2/2020 Episode Start with

Mohana showing Ansh as her challenger shocking everyone. Vedashree asks if she has gone mad and its Ansh. Mohana says that Ansh is the one who’s meant to end her life and now he can’t end her. They asks about Pratimayan death and attack on Ansh.

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Mohana reveals that it’s her who killed Pratimayan and the attack is only to make Ansh more powerful. Vedashree and everyone gets shocked by these revelations. She also agrees attacking Pandit to stop him from revealing the truth. They all understand that they were fooled ny Mohana.

Piya says that it will be her who will die today and not Ansh. Mohana reminds her of her Dayan vachan and soon a red ring forms around Piya and Mohana’s neck. Piya says that she will die but will never kill Ansh. She throws her weapon towards Mohana but Ansh comes in between and takes the attack. He says that ge can’t let her die and himself falls into the lava. A shocked Piya too jumps into the pit and they both fall deep into the lava. Whole family cries hard while Vedashree begs Nishant to save Ansh and Piya but Nishant says its over and be can’t do anything about it. Piya and Ansh fall down and Piya tries waking up Ansh who’s already dead.

Piya says that if he doesn’t want to wake up then even she’ll follow him to death. She falls on him accepting her death too. Mohana says that now she’ll become the queen and her raj Tilak happens. Pandit comes there with Naman and Saanvi. Mohana mocks him for arriving late but Pandit laughs and says that it’s true Ansh had mrityu yog in his kundali but the thing which she doesn’t know his he’ll become even more powerful after his death shocking Mohana. Ansh too wakes up with immense power and saves Piya too. They both emerges out of the fire much to everyone’s happiness.

Mohana gets shocked seeing it while everyone’s happiness knew no bounds. Ansh and Piya perform tandav and at the end attacks Mohana. Mohana tries harming Piya but before that Ansh captures her and eats her soul killing her. All the times of her evilness gets recalled while Ansh drops her dead body into the fire putting a complete end to Mohana. The Raj Tilak crown comes towards Ansh as now he’s the rightful owner of it but Ansh breaks it and puts it in fire too marking an end to the era. They all reunite having finally completely revealed from Dayan’s Nazar.

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