Nazar 17th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (17/1/2020)


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Episode Name: Ansh Becomes Evil

Air Date: 17 January 2020

Full Written Update: Nazar 17/1/2020 Episode Start with Ansh is passed out. Piya says he’s unwinding. For what reason would he say he isn’t finding a functional pace? Vedeshree says he drank that liquid to save us. I don’t have the foggiest thought in what capacity may it impact it. Ansh finds a decent pace. He shuts all window adornments since sunshine is hurting him. Piya says what happened Anh? Vedeshree says Ansh calm down. Ansh says I like dinkiness. Piya says it’s the night gleam liquid working. Let me call father. Ansh pounds her phone and says I couldn’t care less for it. Everything in this house would be as demonstrated by me. I will figure out what everyone will do. Today is my raj tilak. Continue to prepare for it. Barkha says what’s that? He says a custom that is basic to me. Continue to prepare. Everyone is staggered at his lead. Ansh shouts and says go.

Naman says I will get you out of this picture mate. He says your dad will bring your mother back. I will be known in the authentic scenery of churails. Starting there ahead, you and your mother would be satisfied with me. Saavi says I got sustenance. Saavi says extraordinary morning Dufli. Naman says I brought my Mrs again from churail lok. The picture is dull. Saavi and Naman are shocked. Piaya says after raj tilak he would transform into the leader of dim powers. Chetali says we have to speak with Nishant. Barkha says we can’t. He’s keeping an eye out for us. Ansh comes and hollers quit talking. Adi breaks a glass in fear. Ansh throttles him and says what was that? Adi says father sorry I submitted a blunder. Ansh says so you will get repelled. Piya says leave Adi. Ansh says don’t association me. Chetali says we’re referencing.

Nishant says to Adrishi Piya isn’t getting the call. Something isn’t right. Nishant calls Ansh. He makes appropriate associate Ansh. Nishant says for what reason is no one picking the call? Ansh says I broke Piya’s phone out of dissatisfaction. Ansh says go to the social event today around night time at our place. It will start with moonrise. Nishant says to Adrishi Ansh was talking strangely. He was perusing a clock as indicated by mon and not the watch. Piya comes there. Ansh says what are you doing here? Piya says you drank that liquid yet it can’t change what your character is. You can’t enable perniciousness to win. Ansh says really? Piya says you can get away from that liquid’s effect. You can beat it. Ansh says yes I feel unusual in the wake of drinking it. Piya says it’s endeavoring to accept authority over you. We are all with you. Ansh says you think I have gotten horrendous? She says no you’re my Ansh. He says anyway I would incline toward not to change. I value this. He says today around night time is my raj tilak. You should be there.

Nishant says they’re in a predicament. Adrishi says how regarding we go there. Nishant says we will go today around night time. They hear creatures hollering. They yell we have to go to our raja’s raj tilak. Piya is endeavoring to fix the lights. Ansh picks her. He says the joy is all mine. Piya says I didn’t get time to eat. Would I have the option to take a break? He says clearly. Piya says would you eat with me like you used to? He detest I used to. Since Ansh is unmistakable now.

Savi and Naman are getting books. Naman says for what reason wouldn’t I have the option to make sense of how to bring my significant other back. There’s nothing in these books. Saavi says don’t be on edge. We will find a leave plan. Naman says when? He says she in that picture hungry. They hear Dilruba snickering. Saavi looks picture. Dilruba brings her hand out and endeavors to pick something. Naman races to it Dilruba returns in. Naman says you can turn out? I have been scrutinizing books to bring you out. In the event that it’s not all that much difficulty turn out. Dilruba says I would lean toward not to come back to your debilitating world. I have everything here in churail lok. I have decorations. He says who may you show the pearls to? Shouldn’t something be said about Dufli? Don’t you miss her? Don’t you have to play with her? Dilruba says I don’t have to show up for that. Naman says by then? Would we come in? Dilruba says I will call you and Dufli in. Naman says would you say you are crazy?

Ansh brings Piya to the room and says we ought to eat. She says we figured we would eat the table? He says there’s no security in that. It’s debilitating and not nostalgic. So I brought the sustenance here. We should eat. Piya surveys Vedeshree and Chetali put a snoozing pill in Ansh’s sustenance. He says cause me to eat Piya. Piya makes him eat. Ansh falls asleep. He says I am dormant. He lays off on the bed. Piya says it’s done.

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