Nazar 17th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (17/2/2020)


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Episode Name: Mohana reveals the shocking truth

Air Date: 17 February 2020

Full Written Update: Nazar 17/2/2020 Episode Start with Piya going to give her vachan when Pandit who’s on Mohana’s grip takes a stab at calling Piya. Piya goes to the call yet Mohana makes the telephone tumble from Pandit hand. She encourages Piya to finish the vachan custom and Piya cuts her hand. The two of them hold hands and guarantee one another.

Mohana guarantees Piya that she’ll leave their lives perpetually once she encourages her overcoming the challenger. Piya guarantees Mohana that regardless of what happens she’ll overcome challenger at any expense. The vachan gets fixed and Mohana advises her that in the event that she breaks the guarantee, at that point she’ll bite the dust.

Piya leaves saying that she’s not somebody to break the guarantee like her and leaves. Mohana makes Pandit tumble off from her grip and grins. She feels that she’s a blockhead who’s going to execute her own better half and on the off chance that she falls flat doing it, at that point she’s going to kick the bucket in view of the guarantee.

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Naman and Nishant were talking about the challenger when Saanvi accompanies the branch with the consuming fire. She says that she attempted a great deal to put it off however it doesn’t go off. Nishant comprehends that the fire is identified with the challenger and it will goes off just by its own brain.

Vedashree calls everybody for mahashivratri arrangements. She says that regardless of what happens the issues doesn’t appear to leave them and this time they are remaining with the individual whom they were against the most. Piya comes to call Ansh and Ansh says that he feel so incredible today.

Piya thinks that its difficult to accept when the bowl in her grasp tumbles down yet Ansh finds it utilizing his forces. He says his involvement in the forces while Piya stresses for his extraordinary force. She chooses to illuminate Nishant yet Ansh stops her idiom that its nothing enormous and requests that her let it go.

He says this is the latest night for their battles and afterward they can live settled. Ansh and Piya embraces while Mohana watches them stowing away. She calls them fools for preparing to battle against one another.

Vedashree and everybody begins leaving for kuldev sanctuary. Mohana asks how might they go leaving her as challenger may assault her. They request that her join as well. Mohana denies however they gets resolved that they won’t begin any work without God’s favors.

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Mohana having no choices concurs and goes with them. Nishant brings a harmed Pandit. They misconstrue that he was assaulted by the challenger. They all choose to go to kuldev sanctuary also to secure Ansh and family. They all come to sanctuary.

Piya asks Vedashree and others to continue with the pooja while she and Ansh will plan to assault the challenger. The two of them alongside Mohana makes courses of action who derides at their ineptitude in her psyche while Vedashree and others does pooja.

They all get back subsequent to finishing pooja while Piya and others wonder how to overcome the challenger. Nishant accompanies an answer saying that the challenger was brought into the world with this fire and just this fire can slaughter him. Piya empties the fire into the pit and it becomes magma.

Mohana begins chuckling and Piya inquires as to why’s she giggling. She says that her challenger is here and nobody knows it. She shows Piya Ansh who’s the genuine challenger. She derides her that now she needs to either slaughter her better half amazing per guarantee stunning each one profoundly.

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