Nazar 11th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (11/2/2020)


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Episode Name: Mohana Gets Her Powers Back

Air Date: 11 February 2020

Full Written Update: Nazar 11/2/2020 Episode Start with Mohana says take the rounds around the fire. Please Ansh. Chetali you avoid the smoke. Vedeshree says Chetali would you be able to remain cognizant. Nishant comes there and stops. Mohana says you’re Rivawanshi. You are Piya’s dad. Nishant says how might you wed without letting me know Piya. Avi says please attempt to comprehend the circumstance.

Nishant says she’s my little girl. What’s going on. Mohana says Piya didn’t let him know so he’s furious. Mohana says Piya you couldn’t be a decent girl or spouse. Express gratitude toward God my Ansh isn’t care for that. Nishant says Mohana, you are an aikain. You are tricking us? You are getting Ansh wedded while my little girl is here. Everybody is stunned. Ansh says dad, mama isn’t well.

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Nishant says she’s doing a show. Vedeshree says please stop for a couple of seconds. Amawasiya would begin in a minute. Mohana says he’s lying right? Nishant says we will know who’s lying. Nishant pushes Ansh. Mohana says what actions are you taking to my child. What’s going on. Avi says please Nishant. Mohana would recover her forces. Nishant says in heart how would I disclose to them that if Mohana loses her forces Piya would be gone as well. Ansh tumbles down. Mohana hurries to him. Mohana gets in her witch powers and says how could you.

Saavi is out with the person. Nishant is there too on the other table with his face secured. Saavi heads off to some place. Nishant comes before him. The person says Naman? Naman says what are you doing here? He says I am with Saavi.

Mohana says all of you misled me. I am an Aikain. Chetali says for what reason did Nishant do this? Vedeshree says for what reason did he do this. Nishant says you an imbecile witch Mohana. You tuned in to these individuals and great tricked. Vedeshree says please stop it. Nishant says I considered you an imbecile yet you can’t do anything. Vedeshree says what are you doing Nishant? Ansh says mama I will reveal to you everything. Nishant informed Ansh that Piya can possibly return if Mohana recovers her forces. Mohana hits Nishant with her mesh.

Naman says Saavi has her own traditions. Saavi likes things in an unexpected way. She is very desi and social. As she doesn’t care for utilizing the spoon. Drink this soup from the bowl in one go.

Piya comes Vishalika. She says in case you’re in your forces now I would be as well. Mohana says I showed you a thing or two years back. Piya and Mohana battle. Piya tosses a blossom towards Mohana. Mohana guards herself and takes Piya from that point. Ansh pursues them. Nishant says stop. Piya isn’t her. She is Vishalika.

Naman says Saavi likes folks who perform various tasks. You have keep her quiet. At the point when she blows up toss this water all over. She truly loves it. All the best.

Nishant says Piya needs to leave Vishalika stage and no one but Mohana can do that. Mohana and Piya battle. Mohana pushes Piya from the structure. Ansh runs and holds her.

Saavi returns to the table. She says what? The person drinks soup from the bowl. Saavi says what’s going on with you? He says nothing. Saavi says use spoon please. He says I am agreeable. He tosses water all over. Saavi says what did you do? Is it true that you are insane? Saavi sees Naman and says you requested that he do this right? He says sorry I committed an error. Saavi says for what reason did you need to do it? Naman says I.. You don’t merit him. Saavi says alright I will discover another young lady. Naman says you don’t need to discover the person. He’s before you. I am here.

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