Namak Issk Ka 29 July 2021 Episode Written Update (29/07/2021)

Namak Issk Ka TV Show Written Updates

Namak Issk Ka 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Namak Issk Ka 29th July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Satya Keeps Tricking Iravati

Air Date: 29th July 2021

Full Written Update: Namak Issk Ka 29/07/2021 Episode Start with Satya gets some information about the children and Kahani implores her to let her meet Lucky and Rani. Iravati hears Kahani calling Lucky and Rani’s name thinks how she came to think about it.

Yug brings expands and toys for Lucky and Rani yet they are pitiful that Kahani is disturbed to see them. Iravati reveals to Rupa Kahani doesn’t appear to be content to see Lucky and Rani. Raunak asks Iravati for what good reason does she appear to be content today. Yug asks have they seen Kahani? Raunak tells did she flee again,was she a deer in past birth?

Satya apologizes to Lucky and Rani and advises she has somebody to meet them. Satya calls Doctor to meet Lucky and tells he is the best lung expert of city. Iravati reveals to Satya she will send her back to Darbhanga. Satya tells now it isn’t in her grasp. Satya mentions to Iravati now the thing would you say you are going do? Iravati tosses water all over and advises her to chill off. Satya discloses to her she will copies Iravati’s place down.

Yug discloses to Satya that specialist said Lucky’s lungs have harmed a great deal and presently we need to do relocate. Yug advises her not to stress he will deal with everything. Satya asks what might be the cost? Yug advises her to deal with Lucky and not to stress over cash he will deal with everything.

Satya discloses to Kahani that Iravati was outside when she was yelling to meet Lucky and Rani. She educates her concerning Lucky’s lung relocate and that Yug got some information about it. Satya advises you are exceptionally fortunate that you have an accomplice like Yug and presently you have me. Saroj discloses to Iravati it would be better on the off chance that you talk with Kahani.

Iravati discloses to Kahani a standout amongst other lung expert is in city clinic. Satya gets stressed her mom is likewise in a similar emergency clinic. Rupa expresses gratitude toward Iravati for contemplating fortunate. Gunjan inquires as to whether her arrangement will work? Iravati tells today her arrangement will work when Satya’s mom recognize her before everybody.

Rupa asks Iravati for what valid reason is so stressed? Iravati educates she is concerned regarding Lucky. Rupa acclaims her and tells she has a major heart. Rupa discloses to Gunjan she needs to comprehend that Yug is of just Kahani. Satya figures her mom will begin crying on gathering her after so long and her game would be finished.

Yug educates Satya not to stress concerning Lucky and come to medical clinic. Yug tells specialist gave an uplifting news so we ought to celebrate. Satya blends resting pills in everybody’s juice.

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