Namak Issk Ka 29 April 2021 Episode Written Update (29/04/2021)

Namak Issk Ka TV Show Written Updates

Namak Issk Ka 29th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Namak Issk Ka 29 April 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Kahani Free Yug From Iravati’s Clutches

Air Date: 29 April 2021

Full Written Update: Namak Issk Ka 29/04/2021 Episode Start with Panditji takes out Kahani and Yug’s marriage debris. Rupa tells Iravati headed off to some place once more. Gunjan tells possibly she discovered Yug and went to bring him. Raunak discloses to certain individuals couldn’t care less about their significant other by any means. Saroj chastens Raunak for insulting Rupa. Raunak discloses to Iravati sent me for some work so I went. Gunjan discloses to some solid came from Ravikant’s room. Ravikant has tumbled from his bed and is having seizures. Panditji gives the debris to Kahani and requests that she awaken and make Iravati frail by tossing the debris on her. Auntie battles with Iravati and attempts to stop her. Iravati discloses to Panditji it is the ideal opportunity for you to leave this world and tosses him on ground.

Iravati tells today everybody will realize it is difficult to overcome me. Yug implores Kali maa to secure his adoration. Kahani acquires awareness with Kali maa’s gifts and tosses the debris on Iravati. Iravati tells Kahani do you want to overcome me? Kahani tosses debris on her again and looks for gift from Kali maa and takes out her Trisool. Kahani advises you attempted to execute me however you failed to remember my mom is here and hits Iravati with the trisool. Iravati advises Kahani to execute her or she will slaughter her. Kahani reveals to you attempted a great deal of times to kill me however today you have completed my understanding.

Auntie and Panditji acquires awareness. Iravati advises today you get the opportunity to kill me and in the event that you leave me alive you will lament a ton since I am never goingto improve. Kahani is going to hit Iravati and Yug escapes from the container and Ravikant acquires awareness. Panditji tells Yug is free now and he has arrived at the spot from where he was abducted. Yug acquires cognizance inside the house and starts searching for Kahani. Kahani discloses to Iravati she isn’t care for her or she would have slaughtered Iravati. Kahani tells artists are excellent girl in-law and I simply needed to save Yug not to slaughter you. Kahani cautions Iravati and leaves from that point.

Yug ponders where is Kahani and Rani. Yug asks what befallen Ravikant? Gunjan asks Yug where right? Saroj reveals to Kahani kidnapped you and we whined about you in police headquarters. Yug tells I can’t comprehend what all of you are attempting to say and for what reason will Kahani seize me? Gunjan reveals to Kahani abducted you and now she will not return here. Kahani tells how might this occur? Yug inquires as to whether she is alright? He asks her how could she get injured? Kahani embraces Yug. Saroj tells will this show get over or not? Raunak advises them to leave one another. Kahani inquires as to whether he is alright?

Raunak tells they are getting excessively heartfelt. Gunjan isolates Yug and Kahani and tells quit acting, first you abducted Yug and now you are doing this show.

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