Namak Issk Ka 22 February 2021 Episode Written Update (22/02/2021)

Namak Issk Ka TV Show Written Updates

Namak Issk Ka 22nd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Namak Issk Ka 22 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Lucky and Rani get Yug and Kahani married again.

Air Date: 22 February 2021

Full Written Update: Namak Issk Ka 22/02/2021 Episode Start with Fortunate thinks Yug wedded Kahani powerfully so he gets a jar to hit Yug. Yug calls Kahani,Lucky reveals to Yug his facial hair is so peculiar. Kahani cautions Yug not to hurt Lucky and Rani. Yug asks does he resemble a kidnapper,Lucky says yes and discloses to Kahani not to stress he will act the hero her. Yug reveals to Kahani he needs to carry Lucky and Rani to her. Fortunate tells Rani isn’t at home she went to purchase samosa. Yug tells we will get her from the shop. Rani moves frightened and runs off from them. Yug and Lucky follow her. Fortunate can’t breathe,Yug deals with him however Rani takes cover behind a tree.

Kahani calls Yug and advises you have just two minutes,I will call police on the off chance that you don’t bring Lucky and Rani home. Rani begins running again however Kahani come there and embraces her. Rani tells Yug has captured Lucky and he needs to grab me as well. Fortunate tells he simply resembles a ruffian now he is Kahani didi’s significant other. Rani requests that Kahani demonstrate she is married,she asks her where is her mangalsutra? Kahani lies that Yug will give her mangalsutra following 15 days. Rani hauls them to a sanctuary and gives Yug and Kahani festoons and request that they wed once more.

Rani tells I was unable to watch your marriage so wed once more. Flashback shows Yug and Kahani’s marriage. Fortunate requests that Yug give his cloth and he does Yug and Kahani’s gathjod and requests that they wed at this point. Yug and Kahani trade laurels.

Rani gives sindoor and advises Yug to apply it or she will flee once more. Kahani discloses to Yug they are considerably more obstinate than me so kindly apply sindoor by and by. Yug applies sindoor on Kahani’s forhead. Rani implores God to keep Kahani and Yug together consistently. Fortunate requests that Yug and Kahani clasp hands. Rani tells we had just a single sister and we had such countless designs for her marriage however we were unable to do anything. Yug holds Kahani’s hand and stroll as Rani and Lucky shower blossoms on them. Oo sajanva plays in BM.

Iravati asks Saroj Yug has failed to remember my Gunjan however has he failed to remember his home as well? For what reason hasn’t he returned at this point? Grandma insults she doesn’t think about her better half what will she think about her child. Yug and Kahani go into the house with wreaths. Fortunate gets terrified taking a gander at Raunak. Everybody looks stunned.

Iravati asks Yug for what valid reason would he say he is getting hitched over and over? On the off chance that Gunjan drops another tear I will diminish pages from Kahani’s life. Yug advises Iravati to give him some time he will disclose everything to her. Yug requests that Kahani go in with kids. Raunak discloses to Grandmother he disagrees with Yug bringing Kahani’s family home. Yug tells he doesn’t need any contention on this subject. Grandma tells Yug is in Kahani’s control,he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he is doing.

Yug tells he has no response for any inquiries now. Rupa requests that Gunjan let Yug stay alone for quite a while. Raunak thinks his brain is Ara ki Ari and when it will work Yug’s arrangement will slump. Fortunate and Rani inquire as to whether she is upbeat? Kahani thinks she is glad that she didn’t need to wed Raunak. Fortunate expresses gratitude toward Yug for supporting Kahani before the family.

Kahani tells Rani and Lucky are here now and I figure I should get back to Ara with Lucky and Rani. Yug discloses to I previously revealed to you I will choose your return.

Fortunate tells Jiju is decent he will get me treated. Raunak asks did you miss me? Fortunate tells this my Jiju’s house,I am not frightened of you. Raunak reveals to you just got hitched now,so for what reason are the children resting in your room? Raunak calls everybody down. Kahani asks what’s happening with he? He asks what is happening? Wouldn’t you be able to take a gander at Gunjan she has exhausted her eyes crying. Gunjan discloses to Yug your expectations are clear.

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